Chapter 2

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ما هو خطأي ؟ ( ?what is my mistake)
هو المصير الذي يجمعنا... (It is fate who made us meet)

I bumped onto this guy and was about to face that good lot of embarrassment of falling down dramatically and hitting my butt. *ouch* I scrambled that thought away.
I just closed my eyes to act like I'm confused and I don't know what's happening when I realized a hand on my waist. I didn't feel the cold tiles. I didn't fall. I really didn't fall.

I was saved by the same really not so careful guy. I looked at him at a Thank-God-you-were-here angle and he left me as I stood up just fine. I didn't even give him a second look. My phone was on the floor !! I was so worried whether it was broken or not, I didn't even say thank you.

I picked it up and just then the connecting flight was announced. I left as quickly as I could before I missed it, because I have a tendency of missing everything, from brushing my teeth to flights.

The plane was bigger than the first as it had more passengers, it looked so stacked and stuffed, though the back seats were a bit empty. I didn't even care as long as I just reached Dubai. Well !! I didn't care, but I didn't want a back seat !!

The girl had no manners ! She couldn't even appreciate me saving her from all that embarrassment that was awaiting her. But I understood some people's unappreciative attitude.
I ignored.

Her face was still flashing in front of my eyes - "who is this girl."
But I didn't care, not the least for some petty people who lost their way. I picked up my stuff and went to inquire on my flight.
"I don't want any reason. I don't want to hear anything. You can't tell me there is no flight till tomorrow. I have an important surgery, I need to go. I need to reach Dubai now ! And. Now. Means. NOW. ! "

My teeth were gritted as I said the last sentence to the manager. I had this temper for frustrating things. These people worked in such an unorganized manner. How can they approve that they'll get me on a flight and tell me there is no seat at this moment.

"There is only one flight available that is departing in 10 mins, but sir, there are no business class sits. All are full as it is a connecting flight. Only economy class seats are available. My apologies."
The manager told me. I had no choice. I needed to reach Dubai ASAP.


I looked for my sit which expectedly was at the back and I was sitting with a lady.
Guess what, She was the same unthankful girl. I glanced at her and not a word spoken by me. The air between us - silent.

I turned to my right to find the same guy who saved me. He was sitting next to me in his white thobe and his ghutrah neatly up with his egal. And not to forget, his face put on a very serious and prideful look.
I just couldn't stare.
His hazel eyes were breath taking - deep - And I was in awe, but it was awkward, so I sat upright, feeling relaxed as I forced my head to turn back to the normal human head position.

I had this guilt feeling as I had left without appreciating. I should thank him. But the coldness on his face, stiffened my heart, and silenced my voice.
Every time I turned to do so, I just couldn't.
Later, after my mind had this mental battle with no troops, I decided I had to because it would seem rude which I'm not. I turned, breathing, my heart racing, he scared me.
I just didn't care though.

I said, "Assalam alaikum, thank you so much for saving me from falling."
And I kept quiet, my adrenaline rushing through my veins. This was the most awkward moment ever. Why was this guy even giving me chills ?
He stared at me with those feelingless eyes and then gave a nod. I turned away, oblivious of his attitude.

I slept again, feeling the cold air from the AC penetrate in my body.
After some time, I suddenly woke up to realize we were in Dubai. I could see the Palm Jumeirah, beautiful as ever and the sky scrapers in Dubai. It all looked so amazing ~ A view full of adventure.

When the plane was landing, my ears started to pain, they were sensitive and because of the altitude difference, they were bursting. I couldn't bear it, tears ran down my cheeks as I felt his stare on me. More of a glare !!

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