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Pen Your Pride

who am i?

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 hello guys, some of you might think im a creep or something but i had to right this. This book is kind of about people who dont believe that their good for anything. I used to be severely depressed and this is what i wrote when i was too far i into my own misery. So please dont judge!



To tell a lie would be to tell you what i think. To tell the truth would be telling you my secret and that my friend, is not what i want. I want to lead your mind astray to the vast emptiness of the place where shadows crawl and cut your souls, a place where not even the great satan would dare lurk. This place is my place. I cannot see,hear, smell, taste, touch or know you but i can look,listen,inhale,devour and feel your mind. If you were to ask me who i was i would reply with the simple response 'i am no one'  and you would simply turn away from me without a second glance but if i respond with my name you would be sure to ask me questions upon my existance. Although i have no physical body i can still affect you, even though i am without a heart i still live and never age. People come and then they go only after leaving their mark upon earth. Theres no pleasure without pain and thats why i am empty. Do you feel pity for me? or jealousy? Pity for the fact that i am nothing and jealousy because i cannot feel emotion. You think there is a divide between what is good and what is bad but little do you know there isn't one. All good men will eventually fall to the feet of greed and envy and all those who are evil will strive upon mercy and forgiveness. You see there is no God and there is no Devil because they are one being. Angels and Demons are not opposites but they are brothers and sisters.

Blood does not run through my veins only the tears of those who are questioned, you may not understand this but everyone that surrounds me wants their life to end. I ask one question 'why do you fear?' this question is the only thing that links to earth, everyone is meant to fear something. Each soul that is taken is burned in the vast pit of loathing. There is one thing i can not remove from life and that is love; love causes pain,hate and jelousy but also causes happiness, joy and hope.



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