The revelation

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The revelation

The accident...

Charles knew something was wrong with him. He knew what it was. He knew what was going to happen. He cried. He yelled. He cursed the same God that he prayed to. He pretended.

It didn't stop the monster from destroying the things in its path, from destroying him. Sometimes he convinced himself it wasn't happening. Sometimes he pretended he wasn't sick.

Sometimes it was hard to pretend.

He would one day wish he'd done things differently, that he'd accepted things sooner. But when everything else was happening, the only thing on his mind was his sister.

"Ri, are you okay?" he yelled quietly. He couldn't raise his voice even though he wanted to. He could never bring himself to raise his voice at his sister.

She wasn't saying anything. Her eyes were closed. The blood, the cracked Charlie is felt like a dream.

"Ri!" he said, a little louder. He tried not to show it, but the fear had crept into his voice.

She opened her eyes slowly. "Ow," she winced in pain.

"I'm sorry," Charlie said quietly.

Ariel was conscious enough to notice that her head felt cold. She raised her hand only to be met by a wet substance on her head. Red liquid was busy dyeing her hair.

Her eyes enlarged. "I'm bleeding!"

"I'm gonna get us to a hospital," Charlie assured, trying a little to smile.

It wasn't fair. He was the one driving. He was the one who initiated those violent veering moves and his sister, his beloved sister was the one who got hurt.

"How are you feeling?" he asked quickly.

Ariel was conscious, but that could disappear at any moment. He didn't know how badly she was hurt, but she'd hit the window enough to crack it. She was bleeding, that was never a good sign.

"My head hurts. Charlie what happened?" she asked, bobbing her head to the side so she could assess her injury with her hand. It was getting hard to keep her arm raised.

She was also in pain but it wasn't so bad. It was the least of her worries.

"I..." Charlie couldn't say it.

Ariel looked at her brother. They'd grown very close over the past 5 years. She knew him and at that moment she wished she didn't. He could speak with her through his eyes. She knew his soul. She understood the words that were never spoken.

"How long?" she asked quietly.

"I need..." Charlie started.

"How long?" she cut in, her voice assertive.

Charlie resigned. "I don't know". He knew what he was doing. He was admitting something to his sister. He was for the first time, admitting that something to someone.

Ariel sobbed quietly. She couldn't contain it. Charlie was hoping she was crying because of the head pain, but he knew it wasn't the cause. She was crying for those moments she wouldn't even recognize him. She was crying for those moments she would want to hate him, for those moments she was going to re-experience.

6 years ago he'd told her it was going to be okay. She had him. That morning, two days after he'd heard of Patrick's return, he couldn't say the words out loud.


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