Chapter 18. Edited.

Johnny P.O.V.

I woke up with a major headache. I couldn't remember anything courtesy of a bottle of vodka. I guess it was a good idea to get up. I went to roll over in the bed and hit the floor.

''What the hell'', I muttered looking up at a couch. Guess I never made it too bed.

I looked around the room and realised I wasn't the only one. There were random people curled up together on the floor. Milo was somewhere in amongst all them people. Something hit me. I was shirtless and had no trousers on..

''Oh fuck sake'', I muttered looking down at my arms. ''Oh God!'', I said searching around for my shirt.

It was nowhere to be found. I got up off my knees and went to run up stairs. I stepped over people as I went through the hall. What happened here last night? I turned at the bottom of the stairs and began to run up it. Amazingly it was free of people besides 1 person sitting at the top of the stairs.


I stopped and stared at her, she lifted up her hand and threw my shirt at me. She looked like she had been crying when the sun caught her face. I was distracted and didn't catch the shirt which landed on my head I pulled it off quickly and proceeded to pull it on trying my best not to flash the under of my arms at Paisley.

''I thought you stopped'', She said blank.

''What?'', I asked playing stupid.

''Don't play stupid with me John Paul'', She said sternly.

''I just'', I began.

''Nobody noticed last night; I don't think they did anyway. They all seemed too preoccupied with trying to get your pants off'' she said a smile playing on her lips.

''I'm sorry Paisley'', I said sitting down on the step I had stopped at. ''Where's Brandy?'', I asked.

''Where's Kira?'', She asked sarcastically

''I don't know'', I said truthfully.

''Brandy's gone'', She said sadly.

''What!'', I shouted and a person in the hall mumbled and answer.    ''The fuck ups gone and just left you here'', I growled, I saw a tear roll down Paisleys cheek.

''What?'', I asked.

''He's not the Dad'', She said.

''What?'', I asked getting angrily.

''It's someone else's'', She said starting to cry.

''Who?'', I asked  

''I can't tell you'', She said in tears.

''Who is it Paisley!'', I said ready to kill someone.

''Milo'', She said breaking down into tears.

''Liar!'', someone screamed from the bottom of the stairs.

''Katie'', I said turning to see her horrified face.

''I'm sorry'', Paisley said jumping up and running somewhere upstairs.

Katie let out a scream and ran back towards the kitchen. My life was starting to feel like a really dramatic episode of 90210.

''Fucking Milo'', I muttered running down stairs.

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