Looking At The Lines Part 1

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8th March 2017 I had to edit this page. It had a few inconsistencies.

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Tab's POV...

Holding onto the sides of the bathroom vanity, I slowly raised my head to look into the glass mirror that was hanging above the sink.

I looked into the face that had water dripping off it after being splashed onto it. Looking at the small lines that graced the face looking back at me. Some called them laughter lines, but the truth was, they were wrinkles I was seeing.

And I earned every damn one of them over the past thirty-six years of living.

I was thirty-six today and I think I looked it as I even noticed the few greys that I could see shining through my dark blonde hair when the light catches them at the right time. Like now that is.

I was so damn tired. So tired.

I was eighteen when our parents died in that horrible car accident. An accident caused by a group of hoons that were out on a joyride.

I hoped they enjoyed themselves and thought the ride was worth it. It wasn't for us, though.

Their stupidity cost us our parents when those kids inadvertently ran a red light and slammed into our parent's car as they were passing through the intersection after enjoying a lovely night out for the first time in a while.

I was eighteen when I became the sole support of my three younger siblings, Rory, Benjamen and Anna. If life wasn't hard enough at that time, it certainly did afterwards.

I was a mother already to twins, Shavonne, who we call Vonnie and Mitchell Jonah who were nearly three. They were the result of my being young and stupid once. With Ugly. A guy I met at cross country.

Then Ugly came to town, damn him. And then I found out who he was.

Then everything changed for us all and none of us were ever the same again.

Authors Note.. Let me know how this sounds, please. It's a new story that has popped into my head. Well, it's not a new story. It's one that's been rattling around for some time. I'm just now putting it in writing.

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