The Ex

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The Ex (Rated R-  heavy sexual content so read at own risk)



“Colin? I feel so awful lying to you so I have to tell you what happened today,” Frankie blurted out, nervously cracking her knuckles as she stared at her boyfriend from one side of the living room. Colin’s bright blue eyes danced. “What is it, sweetheart?” “I…I bumped into my ex-husband in the elevator today.” “And?” Frankie exhaled. “And we had sex. In the elevator.” There was an interminable silence before Colin smiled. “We’ll work through this, honey. Don’t worry.” “Work through this?” she spluttered in disbelief. “How? How can we, when all I want is for him to do it again? And again, and again, and again, and…” She trailed off, sighing. It pained her to see Colin’s hurt expression, but then again, it pained her to know that Konstantin had made her climax in that elevator more times than Colin had in their whole relationship…

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