Up with the angels

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What did I do to have such a fate? Was it because you didn't like me? Did I do anything wrong? Why didn’t you take me? Why did you have to take her away? She didn’t do anything wrong. She was the best daughter and wife. To me, She was the best mother anyone could get. She was your gift to me. Why would you take back what you gave to me?


I was not always like this. I was a happy and carefree girl. I always believed in living life to the fullest. Now I have become an emotionless shell. Not all I want to do is not get attached to anyone and get hurt.


It was that Sunday morning that changed my life. I was back from the gym and was talking to my dad about school when the phone rang. My dad took the call. By every second his tan skin was becoming paler and paler. His eyes started to turn into a red as if he was going to break down and cry any moment. When the call ended, feeling worried, I started to shake him and asked him if there was anything wrong. Without answering, he told me to pack my bag and that we were going to India to see my mum. We had left my mum in India for two months so that she could spend some time with her parents and set up a place for us to live in when we visit during the holidays. Feeling happy that we were going to see my mum, I started to pack my bag. My dad had already made arrangements for our flight while I was packing my bag. Smiling to myself, I hopped on the cab to the airport. I found my dad looking all tense and sad. When we reached the airport, we passed security and went to board the flight.


It was almost midnight when we boarded the flight. Once inside, I found my seat and watched some movies to pass time. After watching some chick flicks, I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were forty five minutes away from landing. I found my dad with tears streaming down his face. When he notice me awake, he wiped his tears and said that his allergy was acting up. I could easily tell he was lying but I chose to ignore it.


When we landed, we caught a cab to my grandparents’ place. We were half an hour away from the house when my dad told the driver to stop at a coffee shop. We stopped at a coffee shop. Me and dad got out .My dad told the cab driver to wait until we returned. We had ordered coffee and snacks. When our order arrived, my dad looked at me and said “Ileana, me and your mum wanted to tell you this earlier. I am so sorry that we kept it as a secret. Just remember me and your mum love you “I started to get worried .What secret? Noticing my silence he continued. “When we were on vacation, me and your mum went for a checkup. We later on found out that your mum had blood cancer “I couldn’t believe it. Surely he must be lying.



“Dad, can you please stop joking. You are joking right? “He shook his head.

“I wish I was baby girl, I wish I was…. The reason we left your mum here was so she could take treatment. Now she is in the hands of God, looking after us from above. Always remember that she will always be with us, in our hearts “Tears streamed down my face. My mum who was my best friend was no longer here.


During those sad times, there was only one thing that kept me going, knowing that my mum was with me all the time, watching me up with the angels.


Anything can happen. Your life can be turned upside down within one second. Always remember to be grateful for getting loving parents, sibilings and friends.This story is based on a real life incident.

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