Chapter Five - The Rules

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We sat in stunned silence for two minutes while Agent A shook our hands and then dismissed herself. She instructed us that we all had a designated room in the Elite mansion and that we were now required to stay here or else we would be permanently dismissed from the "program".

My mother's stories of the Elite society popped into my head at light speed then. None of them mentioning missions and killing people.  didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know. I kept repeating the words as a paced along the carpet in what was to be my room.

My room.

I thought briefly about the apartment my dad leased across town. The one that held my real room. The one I was forbidden to go back to. It pales in comparison.

This was the biggest room I had ever seen. And that's saying something since my room back home was huge. I stopped and looked around the massive area. The California King sized bed, the mirrored wall, the fireplace. The huge grey bed head stood out among the white walls of the room, making the bed feel even bigger than it really was.

The 'organization' we now worked for each gave the girls their own rooms. and our own floors in pairs. So that means that I shared this entire third floor with one other girl whose bedroom size probably mirrored mine.

"Oh, what did I get myself into?" I asked myself in a loud groan again as I plopped down on my new, possibly temporary bed, the monster of a thing. My cellphone rang then, and without looking at the caller I.D, I'd put it to my ear.

"Hey Pumpkin! How's the Big Apple treating my princess today?" The voice spoke immediately.

"Hi daddy," I breathed for the first time since exiting the den. "It's... okay." How else was I supposed to explain the trouble I had landed in?

"Right. The cool east coast air." He chirped. "Don't worry kid, you'll start to love it, soon. Your mom always said she loved it there, and she was just as west coast as you are. I'll send you some wine when you're old enough to drink."

I chuckled. I was old enough, but I never would be for my dad. "Okay daddy, I'll keep waiting for that."

"Be safe pumpkin! I gotta go. I was just checking in before heading to a project in Japan. Love you." And with that he hung up.

"Bye dad, Love you too," I whispered into the phone, but no one was on the line.

I groaned loudly as I stood up again and resumed my pacing. Only this time I stomped across the floor in my sandals. I couldn't stop my mind from exploring the depths of the presentation we just received in the den.

My mother was apart of this place? That couldn't be. She graduated magna cum laude from Columbia. She was a culinary goddess. She wasn't some secret assassin.

"Oh god! What did I get myself into?" I said to myself out loud, once again.

And once again, I did not have a response. I decided to curl up in a ball on the foreign bed then, and slowly, the tears came.


The hours passed as I lay on my new bed and stared silently at the ceiling. I had kicked off my heels as I watched the evening turned into a dark night and city lights shone bright through my glass windows.

New York was always beautiful. But now it seemed as if I was in a different world looking down at the city. The Elite New York four-story townhouse I now had to call home was seemingly towering over all the other townhouses.

I had gathered earlier that it might as well be two townhouses turned into one mansion due to its size but I wasn't so sure until now. The windows were wider than that of the neighbouring houses. The double doors and the front yard were much bigger too. It was all like a supersized fantasy movie, and I still could not believe I was cast as a role.

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