Billion Dollar Deal

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"It won't happen again will it?!" My boss shouted at me, making me nervous

"No, it won't." I replied barely a whisper.

"Good, go clean it up." His gruff voice told me. Before shuffling away back to the till, where an angry customer waiting tapping his foot impartially.

I turned around looking at the mess of sauces on the floor, along with smashed glass. I sighed at my clumsiness and began to broom up all the glass and sauce. I needed this job but I was getting more a more depressed, and also the relationship between me and my boss was getting worse and worse each day.

The day went quick and at 6pm my boss left, and I had the responsibility to lock up before I left. I locked the tills and the back delivery door. I got my coat off the hook, and walked to the door of the shop. The chilly winter night breeze hit my face making me shiver. I turned to lock the door when I met a pair of sparkling blue eyes. I yelped and jumped back.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" His velvety voice floated to me.

"Yes, I was trying to lock up shop.....could you move, please." Usually I would have been quite rude but this man looked dark accept his eyes. He must have been a teen but he was dressed smartly and his hair was well groomed.

"Yes sure, sorry." He said moving but then stopped behind me.

I locked the shop up then tucked my keys into my jean pocket, this guy seemed dodgy I didn't wanna risk, anything. I turned and suddenly he was millimetres away from me. His eyes gleamed at me, sending me into a trance.

"Um....I should be going." I said trying to dodge round him, but he followed, blocking my get away.

Still smiling he grabbed my wrist, pulling me closer, I arched my back trying to keep away from him. He had a firm grip though, making my bones grind.

"Don't be scared." He whispered, but he couldn't have sounded more scary if he tried.

I tried to get free, but his grip on my wrist made it impossible. Then flashing his teeth he looked me up and down, before letting me go, then sprinting down the road, before jumping into a black Porsche, leaving me shaking and cold, also hollow.

Week later.


I couldn't get her out of my head, her emerald green eyes, which had glistened with fear from how I had acted.

"Heath, where to?" My driver, Cal asked pulling me out of my head.

"I need to know more about that girl." I burst out, hiding my face once Cal had processed what I meant.

"Oh, the.girl." He repeated making my face burn.

I looked out of the shaded window, admiring the fallen snow. "Yes. The.girl. As you put it." I answered through gritted teeth.

"Sorry Heath, I was just clarifying." He answered guardedly. "Shall we go to her work?" He asked looking at me in the mirror.

"No, I need to find out more, find out her name, age and address for me, and report to me while I am at school." I ordered as I stepped out the expensive black Porsche.

"Yes Mr. Carllton, have a good day." He replied waving me goodbye.

"Cal, please call me Heath." I moaned before shutting the door and walking into my big posh school.

Another day dreaming of, her.


My mum decided she would walk me to school from now on, as my weak attempt to hide what happened on my way home a week ago failed, and she got it out of me.

"Tell me if you need a lift home from work later." She said worriedly. As she drove me to school.

"I will be fine, it was a one off thing mum, and he didn't say much, I will be fine." I told her for the hundredth time.

She pulled up outside my little school which was old and crumbling. It had little pull open doors at the front, and old discoloured windows. Education had always been important to me, and I have always wished to have the chance to go to a private school which suited my needs. But we didn't have the money.

"Bye honey." She said still sounding worried.

"Bye mum, see you later." Then I picked up my back pack and walked away leaving my mum, who drove off in her little ford, once I had got to the doors.

Feeling unsafe again.


Geography. All I have to say is why do I need to know this. I can read a map so I don't need to know the rest of this.

"Mr.Carllton?" Mr. Oreileigh's voice pulled me out of my thoughts, I found him staring at me angrily, making everyone else look round at me. Suddenly my phone went off making it worse.

"This is important Sir." I told him before running out the class room to answer my phone.

"Heath?" I heard Cal's voice.

"Yea, did you do a I asked?" I asked hastily before my teacher sent someone for me.

"Yes." he answered proudly.

"Well?" I pushed anxiously pacing back and fourth.

"Well, her name is Eve short for Evie, second name is Kathy and she is 18 years old, also lives at 56 Canton lane. She is extremely clever, and has a spark for sport." He said I could hear him flicking through papers.

"Thanks Cal, that's great. Pick me up at 3pm? No. Wait now I need to see her as soon as she gets to her work." I replied satisfied.

"Okay, on my way." He replied getting into his car, when I heard his door close, I hung up and walked out to the curb to wait for his arrival.


School went by in a flash, and before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my class mates, and walking to work to earn my food money for the week. As I turned the corner to my work, I gasped and hid back round behind the wall.

Parked outside my work, was a black shiny Porsche, with the familiar number plate I remembered from last time.

I peeked round the wall and saw it was gone. I sighed with relief and walked round again. I opened the door to the shop, my boss was at the till and waved but without a smile.

I walked round to the staff room and hung my coat and bag up on the peg, before putting on my shop t-shirt and walked back out to take over at the till.

"Eve are you ready now?" My boss huffed.

"Yes, I can take over now, you go have dinner." I said shooing him away.

"Thank you Eve, see you in an hour." He waved walking to the staff room then leaving out the back.

I sat in the swivel chair then put on some music which soon floated out the speakers.

It cheered me up until I saw someone I never wanted to see again, walk through the doors...


I walked into her little shop and saw her singing along to a slow song. She looked stunning, her green eyes shimmering in the dimmed blue lights. Her long curly brown hair flew as she swirled round in the chair.

I watched her for several moments until the song finished then I took out my phone, and pretended to text as I walked into the shop, the bell dinged and her head flew in my direction making me dip my head and turn away to the sweet isle.

"Can I help you?" I heard her velvet voice ask me.

"No just looking." I answered briskly. Then I walked down the isle and picked out a pack of wine-gums for the way back home. I walked slowly back nervous of my next move. I'm so silly I never get like this about a girl, but I was now. I need to pull myself together and just talk to her. So I raised my head, and turned to where she was sitting.

Then I walked towards her, I froze when she looked up and her expression went blank.


This guy was weird, he strutted in and walked with his head down. I relaxed back into my chair and started to text my mum to come and pick me up at 9pm, when I saw him walking towards me.

I looked up ready to serve him when I saw his eyes, sparkling blue, which drew me in. I knew it was him, just by the sparkle which glistened.

As he walked up to my counter and I just stared emptily at him, as he put his sweets down.

"Hello Eve." He said casually smiling happily. I gasped. How did he know my name!?

"How do you know my name?" I asked scared.

"I had my driver find out about you. Also I just wanted to say I'm sorry about last week." He told me and his sorry sounded genuine.

I was still really scared, and I hated this guy for how he treated me the first time we met. I glared at him and his smile faded.

"How dare you!!! You, hurt me! Whoever you are, get out and never come back!!!" I yelled at him with my face steaming. He took a step back, I thought I had him. But then he rocked forward, over the till and mushed his lips onto mine.

At first my eyes widened with shock and I tried to push away, but he put his hand on the back of my head, making it so I couldn't move away. I saw his eyes open to meet my eyes, the spark hit me, and my eyes fluttered and closed and I fell into the kiss.

Until he let go of me and looked at me with my eyes closed. He smiled with big white teeth, before running out the shop with a wink then left me surprised.

I ran out the shop looking at him run down the road and again jump into the same black Porsche then drive away. I have up running, turned around with anger of the way he had just made a fool out of me. He tricked me, even if the kiss was good, which it was, I was angry and fuming with the way he made me feel. I have only seen him twice and he could make me feel like that. It made me embarrassed.

I stomped back into the shop and huffed as I sat down.

"Eve?" My boss's voice called from the staff room.

"Yes, I'm here." I replied still fuming with embarrassment.

"Is everything okay?" He asked looking round the shop to make sure everything was in place.

"Yes.....can I go now?" I asked seeing the time was 8:30pm.

"Actually I was wondering if you could lock up again." He asked emotionless.

"I need to get home, boss. Just this once." I said standing up and facing him.

"Okay, fine, whatever." He replied clearly annoyed, but I got my stuff and left.

As I walked home I could still feel the lingering tingle of his kiss.

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