Chapter 1

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This part of the story is unedited. The next 29 chapters or so will be filled with plot holes, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc as they are written by a 12/13 year old me.
Feel free to skip to the end where chapters are edited and written to the 16/17 year old me's standard. There may still be some errors, but feel free to pick me up on them and I'll change it.
If you correct the first 29ish chapters it's not going to change as editing is already underway.
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"LAYLA!!" Came a scream from the train, of course not many people could here it, as we are on platform 9 3/4. But Prongs would know that voice anywhere, so we all recognised it too.

"GIVE. IT. BACK. LAYLA!" Shouted Lily Evans.

"Make me!!" Came another girls voice. Then a girl with long blonde hair that reached the middle of her back rushed out of the train and onto the platform, she was wearing some dark skinny jeans, a low-cut blue top and blue trainers to match. She ran into the crowd just as a red-haired girl burst out of the train.

"Layla, where are you? Give me it back now!" She screamed, not even noticing us standing there. Suddenly a well manicured hand popped up in the crowd, and it was clutching a pink book with a picture of a Lilly on the front. On the Lilly was the word 'diary' written in a fancy font. "Don't you dare!" Lily said slowly. The girl with blonde hair came out of the crowd and up to lily.

"You don't really think I would read it, do you? I just wanted to torment you." She said, her voice was lovely, I can't even explain it.

"Well done, you did now pleeease give it back." Lily said sternly.

"But lily, I'm not done tormenting you yet." She replied menacingly, I don't know why all four of us marauders were watching the scene but hey, it is fun. "Hey Potter, I think lily wants a hug!" She shouted in our direction. Lily just had time to look outraged before James hugged her from behind. "Thanks Potter!" Called the blonde haired girl as she ran onto the train and out of sight.

"POTTER GET OFF ME!!" Lily screamed into Prong's ear.

"Ouch! That hurt my ear lily flower." Prongs whines.

"Get of me, I need to get that back. LAYLA IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!"

"Aww come on Evans you know you love jamsie-boy." I called to her.

"Shove off Black. Potter get of me before I hex you into next week!" James immediately let go. "Laylaaaaaa" she called running out of sight.

Once she was gone there came a voice from behind us. "Thanks Potter! Merlin she's easily to wind up." It was the blonde haired girl. Now that she was this close I can see her pale blue eyes framed by long lashes, her eyes show mischief, kindness and most of all passion.

"No prob, Reid." Prongs replied.

"Wait Layla, didn't you run of in that direction?" Moony asks the girl, Layla.

"Yeah, you guys distracted her and I came back round the other way." She explains. "Now I better give this back to her before she has a heart attack! Haha I don't know why she thinks I would actually read it! Anyway bye Potter," Prongs waved with a "bye." And she continued "bye Remus," he did the same as prongs. "Bye Peter." He blushed and waved. She then walked off and I was left staring at her back.

"Umm guys did she just totally blank me? And how does she know your names? Isn't she new here? I've never seen her before!" I say once she is out of sight.

"Oh Sirius!" Moony said.

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