It Hit Me Like a Truck

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So Maya has been pregnant for about three days now, a week since I found the very first clue but three days since the test and the random break downs have somewhat stopped but it's very clear that she's still not exactly happy about having our baby.

But that doesn't mean that she's unhappy either. I think it's just that she doesn't even care anymore and hasn't fully hit her that she's carrying a child in her stomach.

Anyways, I'm expecting there to be some tears tonight when she tells the last person she need to tell, Shawn so that's why I've cooked my blonde beauty breakfast.

Speaking of my blonde beauty, she just walked down the stairs. "Good morning, darling, I made you pancakes."

"Shut the fuck up," Maya groans and takes a seat at the kitchen island, "I just puked up my entire existence and I feel like shit."

"Yet you still like stunning." I smile and place a plate of pancakes in front of her, "You want me to rub your shoulders? You seem tense, darling."

Maya nods her head and I gladly walk over to behind her, placing my hands that seem so big on her tiny body on her shoulders. "Thank you, babe."

"There's nothing I wouldn't do to make you feel better, Shortstack." I lean down and kiss her soft cheek, letting my lips linger on her pale skin for a while

"So I actually got some sleep last night," Maya mumbles with her mouth full of food, "I think all that fucking helped. Wish you rougher though."

"Once our baby is out of you, I'll be as rough as you want," I continue rubbing her shoulders as I speak, "But I don't want to hurt the baby."

Her sparkling blue eyes roll as she tilts her head back to look at up me. "It's not even a baby. It's a thing. A stupid thing that doesn't have feelings."

A sigh escapes my lips. "Maya, just stop. You know that's not true."

She's silent now, just eating her pancakes that I'm guessing she really likes because of how fast she's eating them, or maybe she was just really hungry.

I still rub her shoulders and hope it makes her feel better, less tense. I think it works to because by the time she's finished her food, my girl is laying he head back against my chest just feels happier and less moody.

"So Shawn's coming over tonight," I start, lifting my girl up off the chair bridal style and beginning to walk over to the couch, "We gonna tell him?"

"I guess," Maya says as I take a seat down on the couch, "We kinda have to."

With my stunning angel placed on my lap, I reach over and grab the remote to the TV and smile when it's already on sports. "He's gonna be so happy for us."

Maya frowns at me. "Or he'll be pissed as fuck for basically throwing my life away. He's smart, he knows that the twenties are for getting drunk not having kids."

I can't help but laugh slightly at that. "Maya, relax, about that getting drunk shit. We all know that you had your fix of getting drunk from the ages of seventeen to now."

"Well, I wish that I could still get drunk but I can't," Maya frowns again and looks down at her stomach, "Because of this stupid thing!"

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