“So how’s your first day in California gone?” Aaron asked trying to make small talk on the way to the restaurant.

                “Great I guess I’ve already met 4 people.”

                “Wow little Miss. Popularity.” He laughed and poked me in the arm jokingly.

                “Yep guess so, by the way what restaurant are you raking me to?” I asked

                “Café De Aaron.” He declared. I raised an eyebrow.

                “And where’s that?” I examined his face for signs of joking but it was just a mask of no emotion.

                “At your house.” He laughed and I thought of a mock reply.

                “And who said I was going to let you in my house?”

                “This little thing called a key.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a little gold thing and swung it around his finger. Upon further inspection I noticed it was a key identical to mine. I reached for it but he pulled it away and into his pocket faster than I could reach over. “Bet you won’t get it now.” He challenged I sat back holding back the smirk prying at the edges of my lips. I sat back in the car waiting for it to come to a stop, and for him to open my door.

                “Hey can I have a hug.” I asked getting a look from him like I hit my head.

                “Um… sure.” He walked up and put his arms around me engulfing me in his cologne scent and I reached into his pocket.

                “Ha!” I yelled and laughed and pulled away running up to my door unlocking it and re-locking it as I got through it. He pounded it a few times then it stopped I heard his engine start and I looked out again and he was gone “What the heck…” I went and sat on the floor watching “no strings attached” on Netflix now what was I gonna do? What if he comes back?

                “Miss me?” I jumped up. Looking at the front door examining the knob and how it was still locked and no one was there I turned around to see Aaron standing in the kitchen.

                “How the fudge did you get in here?            

“There is a back door.” He pointed to the back of the kitchen where in fact there were a set of glass slider door that I forgot to lock.

“Stalker.” I mumbled under my breath trying to keep it low enough for only my ears.

                “What was that?” he asked laughing slightly.

                “I said you’re a stalker!” I half-heartedly yelled.

                “Oh really then a stalkers treating you to dinner.” He walked back into the kitchen and got into a plastic bag, pulling out a frying pan, some chicken, rice, mushrooms, boiled eggs, pinnaple, spinach, and little sauce packets.

                “What are you going to make with that?” I grimaced looking at all the odd ingredients.

                “You’ll see.” He persisted.

                “Did my mom tell you guys anything about me?” I inquired.

                “Not much just that your 16 have silvery blue eyes and brown hair and that I needed to watch over you for the 5 days you were here.” He shrugged

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