Chapter 1

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Its been five months. Exactly five months today.

Sometimes I look at my phone and hope she has messaged me.

'I'll be there babe, I'll see you soon. I love you'

I don't know where the hell she is, I don't know if shes happy, if she's moved on, I don't know if she's safe. Part of me wants her to be miserable.

Its funny how life works, one seconds you're planning possibly the biggest thing in your life, and then all of a sudden you feel as though everything has just came crashing down.

I walk over to kitchen as I pour myself a cup of coffee. When the warm liquid runs down my throat, I walk over to the window, to take in the sight of New York City.

My friend Jai left New York yesterday to go back home to Australia to do some promo for our business. Me? I go back home to Miami tomorrow. One last day in New York, and I know exactly how I wanna spend it.

"Babe, the bed was cold seeing as you left" I heard as I am wrapped into an embrace from behind.

"I'm sorry baby, I've just been thinking"

"Should I be worried?"

"Of course not, its our last day in Miami though, how should we spend it?" I asked her.

"I may have an idea" she smirks as she takes my hand and leads me into the hotel bedroom.

Clothes are thrown all over the place as we make love, biting, sucking, kissing, moaning. Once we both come down, we decide on opening a bottle of white wine to celebrate how well my business has done.

"Im so proud of you Lauren".

"Thanks baby, obviously Jai has been an important part too, and so have you, I wouldn't have came this far if if wasn't for your dedication"

"All you needed was a kick up the ass" she spoke as she kissed me before wrapping the bed sheet around her and taking the two wine glasses away from the bed.

"You look good wearing just a bed sheet" I spoke out loud as she laughed.

"Well you look good when I can see you, all of you" she spoke as she took in my naked appearance on the bed.

"I look even better when your below me also naked. Lets just lie on the bed and enjoy not being stressed as fuck" Lauren spoke as the girl lay next to her, the two cuddled until they felt sleepy and had a nap.

"Love you Lauren"

"Love you Lucy".

A.N- Hey, so obviously this is the follow up to my first fan fiction Random Number.
I apologise for the short chapter

This IS a Camren fanfic, don't worry 😉

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