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"Love, I know it's really hard, but you need to talk about how you feel," Harry tells him. Louis bites his lip and looks away.
"Louis, we cannot help you without knowing exactly what's wrong," their therapist says gently.

She's a pretty average woman; with blonde hair, smile lines and manicured nails, she's just like any other.
"I'm just not used to this. I've never done it before," Louis mumbles.

The police had referred them to a therapist after the big Zayn incident.
"Tell me about your relationship with Harry," the therapist offers.

Louis smiles coyly at Harry.
"It's brilliant. He's brilliant. We've been together for more than two years now. I love him. After Zayn, I didn't think anyone could love me. But with Harry, I know that he loves me and that he will take care of me and protect me. I've never been this happy. He makes me feel like I have a purpose. I want to spend the rest of my life loving this amazing, beautiful man," Louis rambles.

Harry flushes and beams, biting his lip.
"How did you feel when Zayn was in your room?"
"I was scared and angry that he was trying to get involved in our lives. I've moved on and there's nothing he can do about it," Louis says.
"Exactly. That makes him powerless. If you don't care, he has no power over you. You and Harry staying strong and together and happy is the best thing you can do. Living your life exactly how you would have before will make you settle a lot easier."

They talk about the wedding, being told that it's good for them to have something to look forward to.

They see the therapist one a week, Harry still going to his own, too.

"Honey, I'm home!" Louis calls as he enters Harry's work. Harry grins at him, chuckling where he is stood at the desk. He is stood with Trish, one of his regulars, as he goes over what she wants for her tattoo.

"You okay, love?" Harry asks. Louis kisses his cheek.
"Yeah, you?" Louis smiles and hands him the tea he brought from his own work.
"Yes. Thanks, babe," Harry murmurs and kisses his head. "Only got Trish to do and then I'm all yours."
"Mm, I'm a lucky man," Louis smirks, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Harry's jaw.

Louis sits in the back on the phone to Niall while Harry tattoos. He was going to sit on the bench outside but when he told Harry he tensed up and agreed reluctantly.

"Actually, I'm going to sit in the back. Seems a bit chilly out," Louis says gently and Harry smiles softly, nodding quickly before he goes back to tattooing.

Louis and Niall talk about how Liam and Niall are, Louis cooing when Niall tells him that his and Liam's 4th anniversary is soon.

"You doing anything special?" Louis asks.
"We're going to see Coldplay and we're staying in a hotel for the weekend. Gonna get fucked, both metaphorically and literally," Niall jokes.
"That's lovely, Ni."

When Harry is finished Louis climbs into his lap where he sits at the desk.
"Hello there, princess," Harry smiles.
"Hi daddy," Louis whispers against his neck.

"What's up, lovely?"
"Nothing, just want to be close to you," Louis shrugs and curls into Harry's chest more. Harry continues sorting through his bookings for the next week with Louis on his lap.

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