Chapter Nine - Part One

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A/N: For anyone who has been reading I changed Kala's name to Kalawei from Kalasenti because I felt the name too closely resembled that of Khalessi from Game of Thrones @_@ Just wanted to give you a heads up going into my next chapters.


Chapter Nine

This business of passing out on ships was not something I wanted to get used to. In fact, it would be my mission from that point forward to refrain from passing out on a ship again.

Not an unfamiliar feeling, my sight was blurred as I opened them and had met myself with both Tommy and Zek’s faces. Tommy had been patting my head down with cold water while Zek mixed something in a bowl. No longer was I on the ground but on the warm bed with a small fire going in the stove and a patch over the sink.

Luckily, the fishy and musty smell of the cabin was being drown out by the smell of cooking on the stove. Zek seemed to have been making dinner as well as mixing something odd and sour smelling in that bowl. My vision also cleared quickly allowing me to gather myself again.

Being below water and knocked out for an unknown amount of time, the only thing I could tell for sure about the time was that it was after bedtime seeing as Tommy was stuck into my room in one piece. It might have alarmed her at first but I searched her arms, face and neck for wounds coming up with none. Instead, I looked to my own wrists to see the glowing bright red wounds around my wrists and part of the down my hands and up my arms.

My muscles had also been very weak. It was hard to move the blanket off of me as I tried to sit up, only met with Tommy’s hand.

“You need to relax. He continued to zap you for a while after you passed out. We were sure you were dead when I got back in.”

“It would take a lot more than that to kill me off.” I grabbed a cup of the liquid from the table and started to drink. I found out it was hot a little too late but I didn’t care. It was soothing to my dry throat and crackled voice. When I was finished I threw it onto the ground and fell back into the bed again.

“Boy, you sure can’t travel quietly, can you?” Tommy patted my head again, this time with the gaze of disappointment.

“What do you mean?” It should have been obvious but I asked anyway.

“The entire ship knows that an important passenger got into an altercation with the guard. It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together to come to the conclusion you were the new Bin-Rah.” Tommy dipped the towel in the liquid again and rung it out. She then waited and made sure I could focus again before she spoke, “The guards are having to do double shifts watching you. Apparently a few bounty hunters made their way on board and have been speading the word about getting the Bin-Rah and sharing the bounty.”


“It’s like I told you before, Kala.” Zek nervously stood and walked to the food he’d been cooking, “There are more than just the Courts looking for the Bin-Rah. The bounty for the underground trading systems would be beyond imagination.”

This explained the tense air in the cabin. That and the fact that the superior officer looking after me nearly killed me with his jolts. I knew he had a good scare when I didn’t go down initially but to continue on after I was out was vicious. If this was the sort of person the Courts found acceptable to transport me it seemed my perceptions of them were way off.

I scanned the room to ensure there were no weak points when I had seen an envelope sitting on the night stand of my bed. Zek was standing at the stove stirring some of his food when I reached for it. It was no sooner my skin touched the paper that he was ripping it from my hands and backing away.

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