Chapter Eight - Parts One & Two

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Chapter Eight 

A very grave feeling came over us in that transport. I knew that in a hopeful sense the three of us wanted things to go smoothly once we reconnected with the guards of the Court. Unfortunately, reality played a much larger role in our seemingly hopeless situation.

“Now, let’s try and play nice. You should know that while you are a Bin-Rah you are also still a woman in the presence of a man. Things work differently than the crazed madhouse you must come from.” He spoke with such a tone that would indicate he resented the dominating presence I tended to project. I was well aware of it and therefore you would have to be blind not to.

“Are you intimidated by a strong woman, Captain.” With a smirk I sat back again.

“Nothing intimidates me about a woman.” He laughed as if I had been joking. I laughed as well as he watched me closely. Form his wrist came another hovering set of scripts being sent by his officer Kress in the front from their base.

Leaning forward again and looking me up and down, the Captain pressed a button that would indicate our conversation would be documented to allow accurate responses in the questionnaire we would receive as to our disappearance and any information we might have on the rebellion. Whether it was the easily read face of the Captain or my inner soldier talking, I had a feeling I’d done such an interrogation myself. I also had an inner confidence I could pass one with flying colors.

The hard part would be diverting his attention from the obvious weakling, Zek, and onto myself. The weakest link would always break the chain and anyone knew that. One lie and they would have us caught. This would be an entertaining dance.

“Tell me step-by-step what happened once you arrived onto the island.” It was a simple request. He didn’t break eye contact with his green and brown eyes.

“Why don’t you tell me? Can’t you people keep track of your citizens?” I retorted and allowed myself the next devastating jolt with it. Oddly enough it didn’t seem quite as intense the second time. I could only hope it was my body’s strange sense of adaption.

Sadly, the Captain didn’t think this was funny and followed the jolt by a hard slap to my face. More blood came from my mouth and splattered across the clean, white floors for just a moment before being absorbed into the odd material it was created from.

When I turned back to face my interrogator, he grabbed my face and forced our gaze. I smiled again met with another slap.

“I am only going to warn you one more time, do not mess with me. If I have to deliver the Bin-Rah as a pile of meat in a bag I will do it. Don’t overplay our hand.” He then pulled a knife from his belt and placed it to Zek’s neck. My body tensed while I wiped the blood away again and raised my hands as high as I could to indicate he could back off.

It was hard to suppress my instinct to fight back. It was harder than being tortured. I knew if I was going to ever get off this god-forsaken island, helping the rebellion or not, I needed to do my job.

Instead of continuing on with this, I explained what happened that day with the Green family in so many words. When it came time to explain what had happened during the attack I made Zek look like the hero of the Circles coming to the new Bin-Rah’s rescue and breaking me free from a potentially dangerous situation.

Tommy came into the story as the drifter girl who helped us find food and shelter for the night. I explained that wherever I was from made it a custom to treat those who provided us with comfort and safety were obligated to the same. This was how we would continue our journey together. In reality, Tommy was more of a brain behind this operation than even myself.

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