The Strange

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I woke up naked and aching and alone. Looking around the room I didn't see any trace of Atesh. I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about that. I mean how would you feel if your boyfriend made love to you and didn't so much as leave a note telling you he left.

"Where the he'll did he go" I mumbled as I stood and dressed my self in shorts and a tank top.

"Atesh, are you out here?" I called out.

Making my way from my room through the living room to the kitchen when Shell sat choking the life out of the coffee cup in her hand as she stared off into space with a look of panic.

"Are you-hey have you seen Atesh anywhere?" I asked looking right at her. She looked up at me and laughed without mirth .

"The both of them are gone," Shelly continued to laugh as she looked at her hands then set the cup down and looked up at me again.

"Gone where?" I was now confused. Her laugh faded to an in distress whimper.

"Apparently those two are really criminals and night the good kind." Shelly grunted lightly as she pushed away from the table and stood up.

"I knew Atesh was, but he's more like a vigilante." I smiled a little.

"No, he's a real criminal, I mean robbing, killing, dealing, everything." Shelly threw up her hands in frustration, letting them drop heavily to her sides.

"What, that can't be!" I nearly shouted in disbelief.

"It's true and also one of the many reasons why I didn't want to take Gain as my mate." Shelly looked as if she were holding on to the last string of her sanity.

"Shelly, what's really going on, I thought we moved past all of this secret keeping?" Just when I thought we would be enjoying a more truthful relationship, I added as an after thought.

"Early this morning, I rolled over to cuddle with Gavin, only to find his side empty." Shelly explained rubbing her forearm unconsciously. Something I've known her to do when in distress.

"I kept my breathing the same and decided to listen for Gavin. I tuned into Atesh and him talking about doing a job for their father, Jon." She began to rub harder, causing her arm to redden.

"Atesh was saying that now that he found you he wanted to keep you out of any family business that their father assigned them."

"Shelly, calm down," I said calmly removing her right hand from her bright red forearm. " If they come back we will confront them about this, and see what we can settle between them." I suggested while patting her shoulders.

"No, your not understanding. These wolves are criminals. Unstoppable, Obsessive alpha male, criminals. They could snap a tree in half let alone your neck." Shelly warned looking me straight in my eyes. I froze.

"Atesh wouldn't hurt me, right?" I muttered stepping back.

"He and Gavin are alpha males, mate or not they will make sure that you know where your place is. I've watched their mother walk around and do everything their father tells her to without a simple word." Shelly sighed.

Before I could open my mouth to say anything Shelly held up a hand to me. I looked around confused as to what she was trying to hear.

"Go back to your room and pretend nothing happened. It will be easier if he thinks you were still asleep." Shelly informed sharing me toward my room.

"What about you?" Worry came to me as I thought about the new information I was given.

"I can handle myself with him, but you can't so go calmly to your room and wait for him to come to you."

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