How Much I Look up to You

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I was watching Under the Knife one day as I was thinking about nothing in particular. Then I caught myself smiling. It took a moment, but I realized I was thinking about Steven. And as I thought about how much fun I've had with him in the past 2 years, I realized exactly how much I had done for him. And how much he had done for me.

I thought about how flustered he was when he first met me. How many personal things he had shown me. How much of his life he let me into. And how much he trusted me. While my mind lingered on these things, my smile grew ever wider.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed and a familiar ringtone played. I looked at the screen and Steven's smiling face popped up. I picked the phone up and answered.

"Hey Steven. What's up?" I smiled as I heard the joy in his voice.

"Hi Connie! There is a mission in half an hour, and I wanted to know if you could come?" I pondered then told him to wait a second.

"Mom," I yelled downstairs, "the gems are going on a mission. Steven wants to know if I can go. I promise it's safe." I heard a muffled 'okay' come from downstairs, accompanied by 'as long as they can give you a ride'. I put the phone back up to my ear and smiled as I spoke again.

"My mom said I could as long as you gave me a ride." As he spoke, I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Okay. I'll get Lion and be right over. Bye!" He hung up the phone after I had said goodbye. I pulled the phone away from my ear. And smiled as I ran around my room gathering things I would need for the mission. I finished grabbing things just as I heard the doorbell ring. I bolted downstairs and told my mom goodbye as I ran out the door.

"Hi Steven! Let's do this!" I smiled and jumped onto Lion's back. Steven dug his heels gently into the felines' sides and Lion roared, creating a super-warp to the temple. I grabbed Steven's waist as Lion leaped forward and we arrived at the temple. Lion landed in the sand and skidded to a halt in front of the door. I released Steven's waist as I blushed and jumped off of Lion and went into the house. I scolded my self mentally for blushing, and wondered why I even did.

I blinked repeatedly as I walked in, allowing my eyes to adjust to the sudden change in lighting. Steven walked in behind me and smiled when I looked at him. I quickly ducked my head and grinned as I fought another blush. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs to the platform where his bed and TV were located. I suddenly felt the urge to look at the head of his bed. I did, and noticed something I hadn't before. He kept a picture of me right by his bed. I silently wondered how long it had been there, and how I hadn't noticed it before.

"So we have about 20 minutes before it is time to go. What do you want to do?" Steven asked. I shrugged and responded.

"I don't know. I was watching Under the Knife when you called, but we've seen that so many times. We can do whatever." He grinned and grabbed the remote.

"Under the Knife sounds like a fantastic idea. What episode were you on?" I take the remote from him and turn on season 2 episode 18, the episode I was watching when he called. As the show droned on, my thoughts began to wander just like before. Why was I suddenly so nervous around Steven? Without thinking, I mindlessly reached out my hand and placed it on top of Steven's. I smiled when he didn't move it.

I looked over to see him smiling and his face turning a bright red. I laughed at his expression and squeezed his hand, resting my head on his shoulder. And I admitted something I hadn't been willing to before, because I was scared. I liked Steven.

The only question was, how deep did that feeling go?

A.N.: Hey guys! I'm back! This idea hit today so I know it isn't the best! Any suggestions for the mission? This idea is so open I have no idea where I am going to go with it. Love you all, updates will come soon!!!

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