I arrived at Grendeur building at exactly 8 a.m., reminding me the 30 minutes I've missed, the 30 minutes that can cause me my job. I'm sure they would understand my justification. "I got kidnap by Jesse Blue."

  I smile as I passed Anton, the security guard, who smile back and nod politely. I skipped the stairs today, as I step into the elevator. Using the stairs has been one of my many hobbies it's part of my workout other than the gym. But not when I'm late for work.

  As the elevator pulled to a stop on the fifth floor, I found myself confused by the emptiness of the floor. There was only Maria minding herself on her phone, her fingers typing at a rate of miles per second. Maria was Thalia's partner as a secretary. She's a really down to earth person, but the fact that she has green hair confused the hell out of a lot of people. It scared people off, without getting to know her. Im surprised Mr. Grandeur let her work with a green eye-catching hair.

I approached her, but soon regret it when she looked at me in horror.

"What? Stop giving me that look!"

"No! It's just that everyone went for a meeting on the 7th floor. Mr. Enrico has been waiting for you and I'm telling you he doesn't so- ."

I didn't listen to her right after she mentioned the word meeting, because I was already out the door.

I should have checked my schedule. I harshly pound on the button signaling 7th floor, hopping it might process the speed faster.

Once the elevator door open, I combed the strands of my hair using my hands and smoothen my dress before entering the giant double door. I pause to gain my composure, calming my erratic breathing. I was in deep trouble all right. Late for work and for a meeting, great Amelia!  Jesse is going to get his sorry ass beat.

Just breath

"You look just fine," a familiar voice called behind me.

I place my hand over my chest and covered my mouth, to stop myself from screaming in jolt.  Why do I keep running into this guy?

"What are you doing here?" my voice cold, I didn't regret my tone, as I eye him suspiciously.

He brushed past me with a smirk, as he open the door to the monthly meeting, which I was supposed to be at 20 minutes ago. All eyes were train on me, or maybe on the man beside me, nevertheless it was enough to send shiver down my spine. I must have looked like a damsel in distress.

I smile rather awkwardly as I strolled to the aisle and sat next to my boss, who look quite furious. He sent me a questioning look that I tried to ignore through the whole meeting.

"You are late." Enrico whispered. His tone was pure madness and it was the first time he ever talked to me like that. How delightful.

"I know that, but something came up last minute."

The meeting goes on and I could feel Jesse's eyes on me all the time and don't asked how did I know this. It was hard to dismiss his glare when he sat right across from you. I finally looked at him and shoot him a piss off glare, moving my eyeball I direct him to look at the meeting board. Yet he still didn't take his eyes off of me. I sigh and continue to take notes. Enrico was focused on the speaker the whole time; thankfully not bothering to scolds at me for being late.

Enrico Novak is a tall man, not as tall as Jesse though, with a golden blonde hair, perfectly shaved face and a pair of honey brown orbs. My relation with my boss isn't quite likes other boss and assistant relationship. And before you get your dirty mind in the gutter, it's not like what you are thinking.

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