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Harry's POV

Thalia watched as I retrieved a pack of cigarettes from the bedside table. I knew she wasn't particularly fond of these but I hoped she wasn't in the mood to oppose them. I really needed one right now. I sat up on the bed, cautiously drawing the cigarette close to my mouth. Before searching for the aid of a lighter, I took a quick glimpse at her.

A frown took over her tired features, inflaming a sense of guilt in me. "Alright, alright." I grumbled, chucking the substance to the marble below. I guess I was being insensitive. And she was the only one who could make me feel bad about it. The disposal pained me, but the frown on her face quickly disappeared.

Watching her snuggled in my bed was a good substitution for it. Dark locks of hair flopped on my pillows, flowing in waves to adorn her porcelain-like skin, lips swollen from the impact with mine... she really was beautiful, even in this state of exhaustion. The idea of her being completely bare underneath the quilt made me regret leaving some parts of her untouched.

I had the urge to pull her near me. But I had to remind myself of what she had been through. I knew any brisk advances would only drive her away from me, especially after what he had just done. I needed to take things slow, give her a little time. The good thing was that her presence alone was always enough to satisfy me. Having her here was all I had thought about for the past two weeks, and it felt like I'd just been rewarded. I missed her.

I was suddenly reminded of Allison. Kaylee was away when I got with her a few years ago but I didn't remember feeling guilty for being unfaithful. Her perky personality made her fun to be around, she was so different from the other girls. I met her when I was having one of the biggest fights with my dad, and she had been a form of comfort at the time.

I recalled watching her while she was fast asleep on my bed and carefully deliberating on where I'd take her out the next day, planning out the things we'd do. Allison managed to get me out of character, although not as greatly as Thalia had.

But when the school semester began, she was quickly branded as the laughing stock. People made fun of her an criticised her because she wasn't 'like us'.
I was driven to do the same. And she ended up hating me to her guts.

"What?" Thalia said in a barely audible voice, and I zoned back in. I knew she didn't like being looked at for a long time, it made her all jittery for some reason.

"What?" I mimicked her soft voice, and she rolled her eyes at me. Then a small smile played on her pink lips. It was so rare seeing her smile. I was suddenly itching to snatch a canvas and start sketching.

Her gaze fell on my hand as I held it out for her. Her smile faded as she nipped on her bottom lip. She appeared hesitant, and I found myself a little frustrated.

"We just had sex." I said, somewhat sharply. "Remember?"

She glowered in response, her eyebrows pinching together. "We did. We had sex." I continued. Maybe I was being an asshole again but I just felt that it was about time she let reality sink in. 

"And there's nothing wrong with that, Lia." I softened my tone, pushing myself closer to her. I propped myself on my elbow to peer down at her. I let my fingers brush along her skin. Her arm tensed at the touch and her eyes flickered as they made contact with mine. A faint look of despair took over her face as her lips slowly parted.

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