Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Cathy was avoiding Eva.

Luckily photography class didn't have an assignment to do in pairs so Eva and Cathy could both sit on separate sides of the classroom without having to try and talk to each other. But that's what Cathy wanted, not Eva.

Eva needed to talk to her. She had just told a teacher everything. And Cathy didn't even know who had made the website. Eva knew she should have told her the day before. It was on the tip of her tongue but the chance never presented itself and instead she just kept it tucked away.

But now there were no excuses. Eva had to tell Cathy. She had to persuade her that speaking up about the bullying would help. If she could convince her to do that, then maybe Cathy could finally help herself.

The bell rang and everyone left the photography classroom. Eva noticed Cathy hanging back, taking longer to pack things up and so she did the same, taking her time to slide her binders into her bag. She tucked her chair in slowly and when the room was empty, she walked over to Cathy.

Eva stopped beside her desk as Cathy slung her back over her body and tucked her chair in. She looked up at Eva and straightened her back up, glancing away.

"What do you want?" Cathy asked.

"We need to talk," Eva said. "Please, I really need to talk to you."

"If this is about the website-"

"It is," Eva said and held a tentative arm out when Cathy began to move around her. "Wait, please. This is different. Come on, Cathy, trust me."

Cathy looked at Eva for a moment before letting out a long breath and nodding. "I'll listen."

A few people walked into the classroom and started sitting in the seats as another teacher came in and headed for the desk at the front.

"Not here," Eva said. "This way."

The two of them walked out of the classroom and headed down the now packed hallway. People with a lunch period littered the hallways, slamming locker doors and talking loudly to their friends. There weren't many options of places to go. Eva knew no empty classrooms that would be unlocked, the library was probably home to Natasha right now and the cafeteria was a pit of students where they would barely be able to hear each other.

Eva went to the end of one of the hallways that was free of students. The classroom doors were shut tight or side open with the echoes of teachers' voices carrying down the corridors. When she made it to the end, Eva pushed open the door to the girl's bathroom. She held the door out to Cathy who gave her an odd look and Eva just sighed.

"It's the only relatively quiet place."

Cathy nodded and walked in, letting the door slowly shut behind her. Eva walked through the bathroom and to the end where the last stalls were. She didn't dare lean against the wall but instead crossed her arms over her chest and dropped her bag to the floor.

Cathy followed and stood opposite her, mimicking the position. Her bag made a resounding thump as it hit the floor and Eva realized that must have been her cue to start speaking. She cleared her throat and just hoped a girl wouldn't come walking in anytime soon. This bathroom was usually empty during classes, the one on the other side of the school being the popular one during lunches. Luckily, this one also didn't have as pungent of a smell as the other.

"This probably isn't the nicest place to do this," Eva admitted.

"It doesn't matter," Cathy said. "What did you want to tell me?"

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