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I'm seriously honored and more than a little excited to introduce Team Fear of the Decameron 2

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I'm seriously honored and more than a little excited to introduce Team Fear of the Decameron 2.0. Except for one seat, which we left open to reader competition, our team has been assembled from almost the first day. We have been biting our tongues and keeping our secret all this time, and we are about to burst with it! I really can't say how thrilled I am to be working with this TOTALLY AMAZING team of writers. So without further ado, say hello to the members of Team Fear!

Silvana G. Sánchez (silvana_md) faced fierce competition for her seat from a bunch of very talented writers. I loved all of the samples that were submitted, but in the end it had to be Silvana. Her writing sample checked off every box of what I was looking for with this project. Have a look at her story, Written in Blood and see for yourself. Congratulations Silvana, and welcome to Team Fear!

I met our next member at Wattpad HQ in Toronto, and am proud to call him my good friend. Shaun Allan (ShaunAllan) was a Wattpad Star even before the Wattpad Stars existed. Among other things he's horror author and master story teller, as evinced in his books "Sin", "The Red Queen", and (my favorite) "And the Meek Shall Walk". I happen to know that Shaun's writing time is very limited, and I am seriously in awe of his ability to create so many great stories in so little time.

My friend and co-worker, Tharron Forquer (TharronSkylor) is a relative newcomer to Wattpad (one of my own recruits!), but his unique voice and dramatic story-telling style have garnered a lot of attention from Wattpad's most popular writers. He is also a kick@ss graphic artist and highly-sought-after professional book-cover designer. Get a preview of his work in his story The Last Town.

Gaby Cabezut (gabycabezut) is a Wattpad Ambassador, a Wattpad Star, and one of Wattpad's most beloved writers, enchanting readers in both Spanish and English with stories like the #1 Ranked Romance, PRINCE WITH BENEFITS. Her 16 stories on Wattpad have collected over 63 Million reads! Gaby is published by Pop Fiction Authors in the Philippines and is also a member of the Limitless Publishing team.

Jennifer Oliver (Jennifer_L_Oliver) is also a relative newcomer to Wattpad, but she has been self-publishing for several years and is an accomplished paranormal/horror author. You can see some of her handiwork in her story, The Unnamed. Also a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, Jennifer is a virtual assistant, professional proof-reader, and publishing consultant to a number of USA Today and NYT Best selling authors.

Ali Novak (Fallzswimmer) is a Wattpad Star and one of Wattpad's favorite and best-known authors. A Wattpadder since 2010, Ali wrote her first full length novel at age 15 and later saw it published by Sourcebooks. Her collective work has been read over 150 million times!! You probably know her as one of the #OnceUponNow authors and from her hugely popular stories, "The Heartbreak Chronicles", and "My Life with the Walter Boys". Ali is a true Wattpad success story and is even more awesome in real life! (#NYCWattcon Pals!)

Sally Mason (SallyMason1) is a Wattpad Star, a Wattpad Ambassador, and Wattpad Featured Author of Trapped, #1 ranked Mystery/Thriller on Wattpad. More than *Just* an amazing writer, Sally is an advocate to end domestic violence (#StopDomesticAbuse, #ProjectWomanUp #StopThePain), and, if I may, a truly lovely person!

We only know our next member by her Super-hero name, Talia Archer (TaliaArcher). This charming, energetic young woman has hit Wattpad like a bolt of lightning made of pure awesomeness on Thor's anvil. At the ripe old age of fourteen, she is a Wattpad Featured Author of "Sealed Lips" and several other full length novels. She took #NYCWattcon by storm, and I've even heard a rumor that she has been asked to be a panelist at next Spring's Toronto Wattcon! When I grow up, I want to be just like Talia. :D

Karim Soliman (Karimsuliman) was one of the first people who came to mind when Rita told me about this project. I became familiar with his work when we both worked on Sony Pictures "The 5th Wave" campaign, and I have been a fan ever since. Karim is a Wattpad Star and Wattpad Featured Author of The Warrior's Path. His other works have hit numerous Wattpad popular lists, including #1 Science Fiction and #1 Action. Karim is also one of the Imagines authors, recently published Simon and Schuster.

Lastly, my name is Gregory Carrico (GregCarrico). I write science fiction and horror, and sometimes a little bit of humor. I'm a Wattpad Star and Wattpad Featured Author of Children of the Plague, which has hit #1 on both the Scifi and Horror lists. I am the nominal leader of Team Fear, although in truth I feel a bit like an ant among giants. I would probably have been way too intimidated by everyone on this team to ask them to join if I hadn't had the honor and pleasure of meeting many of them in person at Wattpad HQ in Toronto. I can tell you first-hand that they are the coolest, nicest, most talented people you could ever meet.

To Team Fear: You really are my dream team! Meeting you and having this opportunity to work with each of you is the experience of a lifetime.

To our readers: Get Ready! We're gonna rock your faces off!

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