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I crossed over a wooden bridge into Bosnia and spent the rest of the day cycling through the dense forest that the country seemed to be carpeted in. That evening I snapped a pole as I was setting up the tent but I managed to use sticks, part of a fishing pole and duct tape to fix it and despite me doubting it would last the whole night, it actually lasted the rest of the trip.

I went to Bosnia specifically to see for myself if Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich really did discover pyramids in 2005. I had listened to Sam giving various online lectures and radio interviews and was intrigued by the volunteer program he had set up. I thought it would be a cool to go and excavate some potential pyramids and I was curious to find out why there could be such debate between the mainstream and alternative media organizations. Lucky for me I was listening to one of his interviews on Red Ice Radio as I cycled next to one of the many rivers twisting its way through the endless, lush green forest. He mentioned that the route I was intending to take was a motorway and I was able to choose an alternative route, saving me back-tracking and cycling an extra 20-30km.

I was ecstatic as I descended into Visoko, following another river into the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, this was a place I had wanted to come to for years and had been cycling towards for months. As I entered the valley I was instantly struck by how pyramid-like the “hills” looked, yet also instantly confused by which hill, was which pyramid. I had studied maps of the area but it seemed like there were other pyramid shaped hills that weren’t on the map or hadn’t been given names.

I cycled straight to the hotel where the volunteer program was based to find it was €15 for a dormitory bed. The owner was there and he seemed a bit money obsessed so I walked out and cycled to a hill opposite the Pyramid of the Sun to camp and watch the valley as the sun set. It was a very happy moment for me sat in my tent admiring what looked to me, very much like a huge pyramid. Plus I had 2 weeks to explore the area , I didn’t have to cycle the next day and I had some corn flakes for breakfast.

                The 2 weeks were fantastic and eye-opening. The first day of the program started with a tour of the Pyramid of the Sun, lead by Dr. Sam himself. He showed us a good view of the pyramid, then we visited some tunnels that start 2.5km from the pyramid and lead underneath and finally we walked up onto one of the faces to see some of the blocks of concrete that have been uncovered.

I was involved in excavating at the tunnels and at a couple of sites on the Pyramid of the Sun itself. Work was only 6 hours a day and we finished at 2pm so there was plenty of time to explore the valley. Along with some of the other volunteers we visited the 5 different pyramid-shaped hills/pyramids (Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love), visiting the P. of the Sun and Moon on numerous occasions. I also used my bike to visit another valley, which looked like it might have pyramids in it as well.

The P. of the Sun stands at a height of 220m, whilst the P. of the Moon measures 190m, both bigger than the biggest at Giza and take a good hour to climb up. Both have a pyramid shape but have causeways. Dragon has a convincing shape but unconvincing excavated patches, the shape of Mother Earth is elongated like a Toblerone and the shape of Love is so disjointed we couldn’t work out where the top was.

From the shapes of the hills alone it is difficult to be conclusive but considering they are covered by 1000’s of years of sediment and thick forest that’s not surprising. Yet the tunnel network (with an amazing ventilation system that circulates the air) and the layers of concrete and tiled terraces that have been uncovered strengthen the argument that they are indeed pyramids.  Skeptics say that the sections of concrete and terraces they have found are natural and that the tunnels have just been dug out. Could be but this ancient form of concrete (made from a mix of different sized stones and clay from a nearby hill) has been shown to be stronger and denser than modern day concretes.

There are also scientific studies that claim that the P. of the Sun is emanating an ultrasonic beam from the top. This became more plausible for me when on one of our excursions to the top we found a rectangular stone, dug around it with our hands and felt heat coming from inside the pyramid. There are also claims that the tunnels have healing properties, which I and many others experienced first-hand, suggesting it was more than just a placebo effect. I had been suffering for over a month with problems associated with sitting on a saddle for an average of 9-10 hours a day and it all disappeared after my first day working in the tunnels.

It was an amazing experience, in an amazing place and somewhere I recommend people visit before they make up their minds about them being pyramids or just hills. After my time there I wasn’t 100% convinced they were pyramids but left feeling there is at the very least something there to further investigate.

Many people refer to their experiences in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids as inspirational and life changing. For me, I liked meeting people who were similarly interested in the possibility that human history differs from the official story we are taught at school. It inspired a group of us to form ‘The Modern Explorers’ a community of people that want to investigate for ourselves what our ancestors really left behind. For anyone interested in this kind of thing who wants to be involved you can find us at

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