Chapter 8: Legacy?


We got to the resturaunt, sat down and got our food. A little later I saw Jayy with a worried look on his face and he was looking behind me. I looked behind me and saw none other then Brittany who was staring at me.

"Hey LEGO!" I hated that name.

"I'm not a fucking TOY!" I screamed which caused everyone to look at me.

"What the fuck is going on here" Jayy asked.

"This is Twittny"


"Whatever, shes the slut of the school."

"I'm not a slut!" She gasped, fake hurt.

"You are and you know it!" I said standing up.

"Really?" She asked then ripped my dress. "Oops" She said with a smile and pushed me, making me stumble.

"Hey, don't push her" Jayy said standing up.

"Jayy stay out of this"

"Awwww a little fag standing up for cutter"

"Don't call her that!" Jayy yelled.

"And don't call him that! He's not a fag nor is my brother!"

"Whatever, go cut yourself" She said pushing me again.

"STOP PUSHING ME!" I screamed and pushed her even harder.

"BITCH!" She yelled and jumped on top of me, bringing me down and breaking my ankle in the process because of these stupid heels.

"OW! YOU BROKE MY FUCKING ANKLE!" I screamed in pain.

"GOOD!" She said punching me in my face. I would fight back but my ankle was distracting me. I fought back the best I could but eventually I saw darkness.


"BYE BITCH!" Brittany yelled as she walked out of the restuarunt.

"Legacy! Legacy!" I said shaking her. She wasn't waking up.

"Holy fuck" I said, fishing money out of my pocket, leaving it on the table, picking her up and running her to my car. I layed her in the back seat and got behind the wheel. I sped to the hospital, shaking like crazy. Once I got to the hospital, I ran my bleeding, broken and bruised girlfriend into the emergency room and requested immeadent treatment. They took her into a room while I waited for information.

I called Dahvie but he didn't answer so I called a few more times and eventually gave up. I pretty soon broke into tears. Dahvie called me back about an hour later and there still was no information on Legacy. Dahvie said he was on his way and as soon as I hung up the doctor called for me.

"Yes?" I asked standing up and walking over to him.

"We have further news on your paitent, please follow me." I nodded and followed him to his office and he closed the door.

"So, how are you related to Miss Torres?"

"I'm her boyfriend"

"Alright, does she have any family in the area?"

"Her brother and best friend are on their way."

"Alright, I need you to share this important information with them" I nodded, bracing myself for the worst.

"She has severe injuries which caused a coma and...we don't know if she'll ever come out of it."

"Oh God" I gasped.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I know this is hard."

"C-Can I see her?"

"Yes sir you may." He gave me the room number and I thanked him, rushing out and down the hallway. I found her room and opened the door slowly to find a stranger on the bed.

Her blonde and pink hair was limp and lifeless along with her body. Her skin was a ghostly pale. Tubes and wires were everywhere. Her makeup was smeared and her face was tear stained. Her foot was wrapped and elevated.

I just sat next to her bed and cried. I hated to see her in this condition. Pretty soon I walked out of the room, still crying and headed back to the waiting room. I collapsed on a chair as Rose and Dahvie rushed up to me.

"Jayy, whats going on?" Dahvie asked, I could tell he'd been crying.

"Legacy, she got beat up by Brittany and now shes in a coma that... could be permanent."

"Oh my God" Dahvie gasped.

"Really?" Rose asked. I nodded, unable to speak. "I-I'm going to tell Keri to get over here" She said pulling out her phone and heading out the doors. Dahvie just leaned on my shoulder and cried with me.


I got outside and tried to hold in my tears. As soon as I heard Keri's voice I broke into tears.

"Hello?" I was speechless. "Rose? What's wrong." Keri asked, starting to get worried.

"Get to the hospital. It-its Legacy" I choked out.

"Holy shit what happend!"

"I'll tell you later, just get here NOW!"

"On my way" She said and hung up. I just sat on the bench and cried. When Keri got here she rushed up to me and sat next to me.

"Rose? What's wrong?"

"Legacy got b-beat up by B-Brittany and-and" I sobbed.

"Shh, it's okay Rose, calm down and tell me what happend."

I took a few deep breaths and said "She's in a coma and-" I tried to say but started sobbing again.

"Shhh, Rose, it's ok" Keri said, rubbing my back.

"She may never wake up" I sobbed out the last part.

"Oh my God." She gasped and I saw tears well up in her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm going to go inside, care to join me?" I asked her. All she could do was nod. She followed me in as we made our way over to the guys. Dahvie and Jayy looked up to see us. I ran to Dahvie and burried my face into his stomach.

"Oh Dahvie" I cried and he just rubbed my back.

"Shh, calm down Rose" He said, I could hear the sadness in his voice. I looked up to see a tear roll down his face. I reached up and wiped it away. He looked down at me and smiled.

"Do you guys wanna go see her?" Jayy asked and we all agreed. Jayy stood up, motioning for us to do the same. "Follow me" He said heading down a hallway. We came to a room, Jayy entering first but stopping in the doorway. He stood there for a few seconds and then continued to move inside. Dahvie went in after Jayy, then me then Keri. I saw my best friend lying in that bed and broke into tears. We just sat in the room, sobs filling it.

"Please live Legacy" I cried.

"Legacy, please, don't leave me. I love you little sis" Dahvie said.

"Legacy, you're my best friend, please don't leave." Keri said.

"Legacy, I love you. I want you to be with me forever. Please live, don't leave, not yet." Jayy sobbed.


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