Chapter 56: Vows are eternal

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It had been a few weeks since Blake and the team had found out that Black Canary and Green Arrow were going to tie the knot with marriage. Oliver had proposed about a year ago to Dinah. Both of them had kept it under cognito. News of the wedding hadn't been known to any one until Dinah had asked a favor for Luna and Blake. The fact that Luna had been helping Dinah and Oliver with center decorations helped both members of the League to not be speculated of having a wedding. For Dinah, everyone knowing of the wedding would only limit her missions and responsibilities in the League. Both her and Oliver understood that after the wedding, the one thing that may prove to be more important than a mission would be what the future brought.

Oliver however knew that sooner or later he and Dinah would become parents. He knew Dinah did too, although she was very quiet about the subject. Oliver could imagine it. A jr arrow running around the halls. He sighed at the idea. No matter what he knew that now Dinah would be his priority. Whatever happened after today, she would forever be his partner.

It felt like yesterday for Oliver. The day he had proposed to Dinah. He felt it opportune to do it on a mission. He remembered it like if it had just happened. He always would.

(The video of the proposal)

Oliver hasn't seen Dinah since dawn. It was bad luck to she the bride on her wedding day. Dinah only rolled her eyes when he had said so.

"What do you think Roy?" Oliver said as he showed Roy his final look.

Roy sighed before saying, "Congrats. The old man is getting married. "

Oliver scoffed,"Do I really look that old?"

Arsenal came in before saying, "With or without the beard?"

Clark sighed, "Give the man a chance to breathe. It's his big day after all. "

Arsenal replied, "Don't you think you should wear a tux instead?"

Oliver looked at them, glancing in between Roy and Arsenal, "Me and Dinah agreed on it. Dinah and I aren't lovers of fancy clothing. "

Roy shrugged, "Well you call the shots. It's your big day after all."

Oliver could only wonder what Dinah was up to. She was probably getting ready. Oliver just couldn't wait to see her. Dinah was so very nervous but due to Diana and Huntress helping her out with the final touches including the veil.

"Are you ready?" Huntress smirked as she fixed the tail of the outfit.

Dinah bit her lip, "Just nervous. "

Diana smiled, "Dinah you look beautiful. Athena is smiling down at you. You and Oliver have been together for a while."

Huntress laughed, "Its about time you guys tied the knot."

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