Chapter Four: Challenges

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This was going to be harder than she thought. Fives, the clone, was pretty damn anti social. She didn't blame him, as he'd probably been mistreated. The tales Ahsoka Tano told made her shiver. Melia wasn't really sure what she needed to do, either. Fives might not want to talk about the evil cloners who had tortured him. And there was Clone Jail, also known as Kamino. A place Melia though of as hell with coordinates.

Melia glared at her droid. "Okay, Bee." She waved her broken comm in front of the droid's head. "Time to fess up. What'd ya do?"

"Designation: B-76 did nothing."

"Bantha dung." Melia rolled her eyes and tried to scroll through her comm. A long string of gibberish greeted her eyes. And it looked like Bee had infected her comm with the Black Flag Pirates again. Thank the gods that she never used that comm for anything important.

"Designation: Melia Skye had corrupted her own comm." Bee looked at her with his odd, blank gaze. The stupid droid probably had a cracked personality chip. He then went to rattling around the bridge. Melia made a mental note to fix him up soon. She also wondered why she had to go fix a battle droid and not get an astromech like normal people. Why did she make treasures out of what sane people called trash?

"Just fix it." Melia threw the now useless comm at Bee. She settled at a bridge computer and pulled up the holographic documents. It looked like she had a good job open on Eridau. Not her favorite planet to go, but she needed things and it was on the way. There was a slave market there. The entire planet was also pretty damn lawless. Her mind drifted to Fives as she filled out the paperwork. The poor boy was a little, lost bantha calf among a pride of sand tigers.

It had to be jarring for you, losing all that you ever knew. And getting shot... That had to be the worst part. They had let him get shot and left him to die. Fives had a right to be snippish. The poor guy was lost and floundering. Melia needed to cut him a little slack. Give Gives some breathing room. Offer him comfort if he wanted it, but not if he didn't. This, though, was going to be hard. Melia  wasn't sure how to handle him, though. Fives needed special help that she might not be able to give,

Fives was a broken boy and she wasn't sure if she could help him.

Food would probably help. Melia finally finished her forms and went to the galley. She sliced up a fresh apple. It would go easy on what had to be a tender stomach. That, or feed him a banana.  Fives was pretty skinny. Not emaciated, but not as heavy as he should have been. Fives was a big man. He needed to be heavier, but she couldn't do that at the expense of him barfing everywhere.

Besides, she needed to get her thoughts together. Next stop, Eridau. Hopefully, Fives would be strong enough to walk then. He was injured. He was beyond injured in spirit. He had the sort of wounds that took ages to heal, if they ever healed at all. He needed some type of therapy. That meant that Melia was going to be encouraging a hardened soldier to talk about his feelings. Oh, how fun that was going to be. But she had to help the injured clone in her guest room. He hadn't had a lot of good things in life like she had, but she could offer him help if he wanted it.

Melia entered the guest room with his snack. Apples and peanut butter. Fives sat on the edge of his bed, worrying the hem of his blood stained shirt. Haunted hazel eyes met hers. She wordlessly handed him the apples and decided to let it drop that he was up instead of resting.

" I can chew."  Fives smiled a little. But it was a sad smile and made her heart hurt to look at it. Melia wasn't sure if Fives knew what happiness was.

"It'd go down better with a little water." Melia passed him a bottle and Fives drank greedily.

"I'd rather a stiff brandy," Fives muttered. He looked at her and sighed. Melia waited for him to get on with it.

"I'm not really into drinking," Melia shrugged. "I guess you're out of luck."

He looked at her in surprise. "A spacer who doesn't drink? What are you, the Saint?"

"Nope," Melia shrugged. "Just Melia Skye."

Fives actually smiled a little at that before eating the rest of his snack. Melia stayed with him to keep the clone company. It wouldn;t do to have her Fives lonely.

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