Like It Or Not.

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V removes her hand from my grasp, causing me to look up, her skin lacking color

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V removes her hand from my grasp, causing me to look up, her skin lacking color. What the hell. I sit up more in the booth, leaning forward, "What's wrong?" Her face whips my way, fear and worry written all over her expression. "What?" I ask again and look around the booth, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. "V, you're worrying me."

"Shannon." she says softly.

"Don't worry about her." I dismiss, not wanting to touch on this topic again.

"No, she was staring at us."

"So?" I ask not really seeing the problem.

"She may have seen what you just did."


"What if she tells my brothers?" she asks then nibbles on her bottom lip.

"Well then we should tell them before she does." I shrug.



She sighs and shakes her head. "How can you be so calm over this? You know how they are!"

I nod, "I do. Look, I can talk to Vance, he's a lot of talk, but he cares for you."

She slowly releases a loud breath, "Can you wait until after the weekend?"

I smile, "Yeah, let's have a good time at the lake. Maybe I can get together with him after."

The waitress returns, "Ready?" she smiles at us both. I look at V and she nods, I wave my hand for her to order first. She orders a salad and soup, and I put in a order for their 'cowboy' burger.

"Vic invited us all up to his condo afterwards, but I think he forgets I have school." she laughs lightly, "so maybe we can go up the next weekend..together?"

I smile at her, "Yeah, we can do that."

Her posture goes from stiff to relaxed, and she smiles. We have a very easy conversation, and I like that while our whole relationship has moved into a different level, it doesn't feel awkward or unnatural. In fact, it feels almost perfect. I've never dated anyone that I was friends with first, and maybe that's what all my relationships were all missing. Or maybe it's just V. They weren't her.

In true Russo brother fashion, Taylor had came through and informed V that they had found new 'conquests' and most likely wouldn't be home until late. We took our time at the diner, staying until we were the very few left. A yawn escaped her, and as much as I never want to take her home, I knew she had an early morning. It'd be selfish of me to keep her out all night.

"Are you ready?"

A sleepy, happy smile spreads across her beautiful lips. "No. I don't want this night to end."

"Neither do I, but we'll have plenty more."

"Promise?" she rasps.

"Promise." I confirm.

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