"Why haven't you told me you been having dreams about him for the past month?", I asked Kaden.

He shrugged, "I didn't think much of it. Sure, the dreams were pretty freaky, but I thought it was just my imagination running loose.",

"Well, it seems like your many great-grand daddy is pretty pissed.", Andria said.

"Andria, language.", Helene said.

"Sorry, yiayia.", Andria said.

"What does this all mean?", I asked Helene. "If this is his spirit, why isn't he...I don't know...possessing him?",

"Spirit can not possess people and can put no harm towards people. But they can attack 'em in people dreams.", she said as she twirled her spoon around in her cup of tea. We were in the dinning room and I was kind of freaking out in the inside.

I can't believe this. Lucian spirit with Kaden?

"Tell me a dream you had. A recent one.", Helene told Kaden.

"Two days ago.", he said, taking a deep breath as he looked down at the table. "I'm in the woods...",

Kaden looked around in confusion; everywhere was fog and telling from the dirt, it just got done raining. Kaden looked down at himself and he was in his flannel pajama pants. Of course he didn't feel cold since it was a dream, but even if it wasn't, he wouldn't be cold at all.

His body is filled with hot blood-extreme hot blood. You can feel it when he's angry and himself can feel it, causing him pain.

He tried to see threw the fog, but everything was just blocked by the thick fog. He stepped forward and started walking around, trying to figure out where he is. The woods didn't look familiar to him and when he called out, his voice only echoed.

"Damnit.", he muttered to himself. "Just let me wake up.", he said, running his hair threw his dark hair. He just wanted to wake up next to Jesse and make sure she's as close as he remember before falling asleep. He couldn't help but smile at the thought of Jesse.

That stubborn, bratty, childish, lovable girl could always be on his mind twenty-five seven. She kept him on his toes and he wouldn't love her anyway else. He loves it when she looks at him and he feels like on cloud nine. She looks at him like he's the most amazing guy on earth.

She was so perfect and that child like face was made him want to wake up in the morning.

He would protect her always no matter what-his wolf ordered it and he couldn't go behind his wolf without literally punching himself in the face.

Lycan can be a pain of the ass, but he learned to live with it.


Kaden head turned to the right at the sound of the branch breaking, "Who's there?", he called out.

Kaden wonders if this another one of those kinky dreams he had like the first day of school when he dreamt of being by the lake and he was sitting on the edge of the dock and next thing he knew, Jesse swam up and he helped her up on the dock.

He tried to ignore the fact that her bottoms of her bathing suit was a red really tight booty like shorts on her and her top of was strapless, holding pushing her chest up. She started rubbing her hand up and down his arm as they talked and he couldn't help but look down her boobs.

Jesse noticed and asked if he wanted to feel them and he quickly answered yes. Things got heated and next thing he knew, he woke up and needed a really cold shower.

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