DELUSIONAL (Short Horror Story Smackdown)

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It happens all the time, but no one ever notices… no ones takes notice to the deranged. What happens to the people who are ‘deemed’ un-manageable and highly dangerous? What happens when they stamp your folder, marking it with the ugly read letters E.A.S.A.P, which they say it stands for Evacuate As Soon As Possible, when really Adday knew it meant Eat As Soon As Possible. You’re like pigs here, in the Benson Hill Asylum, as soon as they’ve stripped you of all your energy and self worth, than drugged you enough to put you in a coma. They document and video tape you everyday, documentation to show how slow you’ve gotten, how insignificant you become. Proof to show why you where ‘transferred’ to a different facility. After they get what they want, they stamp you and herd you away to the basement of ugly broken tile walls, long corridors under the hospital with very few lights. They stuff you in a dark cellar room, walls so thick of steal and years of stacked on broken tile that no one can hear your screams, the black suffocating darkness swallows you whole and that’s when you know death has you.


She felt a deep sickening hatred for the fat bastard with the grinning mouth of a true predator of the wild. It was his fault she was here, no family and no future, trapped forever within the washed out gray brick building. It was his plan all along, he knew where she would go, he was more deranged than she, he was sick. She was just one of the many baby pigs being auctioned off for the taste. She mused at her scenario since the only thing he didn’t account for was her, he didn’t expect the hammer to connect with his skull. Adday always knew, expect the un-expected, he obviously missed out on that rule.

The nauseous thought of the man stuck to her like slim , the bastards rot clung to her brain. She could still smell the stench of his sweat and spit clinging to her body. She should of known from the light browning of his finger tips, or the slow rot of his gums, she should of noticed faster the way he always smelt her mother every time he came over, the way he licked his thin lips every time he got a glance of bare skin. Or noticed how for such a disgusting big man, how he’d never eat the supper that took so long to make, but no she didn’t notice. She never noticed how well acted a person could be, how sick or twisted… how incredibly wicked. After all how many times of the day does a person look at everyone around them and try to spot the cannibal? People are deceiving, cheats and liars, they put up walls to protect themselves, Adday found that out the hard way.

Adday knew in thought what she had done, but when someone asked her to remember back to the night. Her mind refused to give the memory up, instead it showed blurs of black silhouettes and distant screams. She overhead the Doctors say it was trauma from the incident that she witnessed, she supposed it was. After all anyone would want to forget the night they walk in on their step dad hunched over their mother like a ravenousness beast.

Adday Lovelace stared at the unfamiliar reflection in the dirty tin mirror above the metal sink before her, the taste of hatred and bile stained her tongue like a piece of metallic led. The image of her half eaten mother polluted her mind with a thick dense smoke, suffocating her air way, causing her to hyperventilate for oxygen. The thought of it flashed the dirty images across her eyes, she saw her mother strapped to a chair with duck tape. Tape across her arms and naked legs, some more across her pale bruised purple neck that had snapped from struggling, her mothers head was looking up in stiff expression of pure agony. Blood caked on her eyes and dried down her face from where the bastard stabbed the fork in trying to retrieve the jelly ball as if It was a tasty olive. She saw the limbs of her mothers legs propped on the kitchen table, one of the feet had been hacked off violently and was sitting on a plate next to a glass of fine red wine. A fork and knife already stabbed into the flesh, slabs of sliced skin laid like thin strips of bacon beside the purpling toes, she could see the muscles and bone still twitching as if her mother was still alive and still trying to run away. She took in the image of the giant outline of the overweight bastard hunched below her mothers stomach, sick grovelling noises filled the air as he greedily bit through the white tank of her mothers shirt and tore the belly with one bite. The hiss of air escaping the dead body filtered through the noise, than like as if someone turned a tap on blood and entrails hit the floor with a sickening smack.

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