Friday 20th December 2013:

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Number # 32 - Sue Thomas F.B.Eye;

first, let me say that the real Sue Thomas, a deaf woman who works for the FBI is by all accounts a talented and fascinating woman with tremendous amounts of policing ability. But then let me quickly say that the TV show based on her experiences, "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye" is Fucking horrible.

Some talents just aren’t enticing enough to watch. Who thought lip reading would make for compelling crime drama week after week? OK, great, she read the terrorist’s lips and saved the day...again. I strongly suspect that the producers came up with the lame pun of a title and worked backwards from there to develop a show.

Maybe I’m just bitter because none of the major television networks didn’t pick up my pilot episode of Fifi Newton “Special” Agent in which a mentally handicapped Secret Service agent saves the President’s life every week through a series of wacky misadventures. Yay Fifi!!!

Continue with furthering great shows as the such of Castle, and I will be fine.

Your sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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