He doesn't say it back

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Brennen and I been dating for almost a year and a half now, believe it or not we still haven't said 'I love you' as stupid as that sounds I would still like to hear those word come out of his mouth, I just don't want to pressure him to say it

At the moment we were in his bed just watching tv and cuddling, who doesn't like a nice cuddle. I'm getting the courage right now on saying it first

"Brennen" I say breathing out softly

"Hmm" he hums

"I love you" I say,

right after I said that I felt him tense up and I waited for a while and nothing comes out of his mouth and I got the hint

"um have to go um study for my test I have in monday" I say getting up and putting my shoes one real quick before I speed out of his house.

I rush to my car and leave as fast as I can and on my drive home thoughts are going through my head

'What if he really doesn't really love me?'

'This relationship is probably those relationships that only the girl is head over heels over the guy'

Tears came up my eyes and I see the beach is near by so I park my car by the beach and walk near the shore and sit down trying to get the thoughts out of my mind. Once my head is clear enough to get through a good night sleep I drive back to my apartment to sleep before I have to wake up early to got to school.

During school my phone is going off and I know it's brennen because my friends barely even text me, so I turn my phone off and I'll see the messages after my classes.

Now that I'm sitting in my car I turn my phone back on and just let the messages come through.

'Babe can we talk please'
'Please I really need to talk to you'
'Can you come over I really need to see you'

And the messages go along those lines so I drive to his house and when I get there I sit in my car before I even have the courage to walk to the front door and right when I was going to knock the door flings open and see a sad looking brennen my heart breaks and he steps a side and I walk in.

I sit on the couch right when I walk into the living room and he sits next to me, we sit there in silence for while then he breaks the silence

"So last night" he starts off and I look down as the memories come back

"You took me by surprise I didn't know what to say" he starts off

An I love you too would be nice

"I love every imperfection I love your smile it's hard to list everything that I love of you" he pauses then he grabs my chin and lifts it up so now I'm looking into his beautiful eyes

"I love you too y/n" he smile before he kisses me and then we pull away

"It's a day late don't you think?" I joke around, he laughs before kissing me again

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