Chapter 13 - Date

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Third Person's POV

'I'm home!' Calum said once he entered the house. He took off his dirty shoes and put it on the shoe rack. 'Hey beautiful, good day at school?' Luke asked and Calum settle down his bag on the couch.

'Yeah,  school was cooperative today.' Calum said still blushing as he sat down the couch. 'Here, have some hot chocolate, your nose and ears are so red.' Luke said and handed Calum a mug. 'Thank you!' Calum said and he pulled out a slice of cake in a container.

'Here, the cake I promised.' Calum said and handed it to Luke. Luke hummed and put the cake on the small coffee table before sitting down next to calum and cuddling him.

'How was work?'

'Fine. Just some normal check up.' Luke said and cuddled up to Calum. 'Are you cooking dinner?' Calum asked and Luke pouted before shaking his head. 'You know I can't cook shit. The pancakes are make are always burnt.' Luke said.

Calum giggled before pinching Luke's cheeks. 'What do you want to eat?' Calum asked, standing up. 'Umm I don't know, Mac and cheese?' Luke asked and Calum pulled him up.

'Okay, come on, help me make dinner.' Calum said and Luke whined. 'But Calum, I don't know how.'

'Just grate some cheddar cheese.' Calum said and they made their way to the kitchen.

Calum grabbed some milk and elbow pasta while Luke grate some cheese. While cooking it, Luke wrapped his arms around Calum's waist and buried his chin on the crook of Calum's neck.

'Is it done?' Luke asked and Calum replied with an "almost".

Soon the two is eating the delicious meal that Calum served the both of them. 'Let's eat in the living room, and watch tangled.' Luke said and Calum agreed.

At the middle of the movie, Luke laid his head on Calum's shoulder and pulled the blanket closer to them. Calum blushes and lay his head on top of Luke's, cuddling and snuggling closer to the blonde boy.

'You know what, instead of you cooking dinner every fucking day, why don't we eat dinner outside tomorrow?' Luke said, looking up at the raven haired boy, cause his head fell out of Calum's shoulder and he decided to just lay it on Calum's lap.

'Uh, how? When I get home its already dinner.' Calum said, blushing cause, did Luke just asked him out?

'Like, go straight to the diner and I'll meet you there.' Luke said and Calum nodded. 'Where are we gonna eat?'

'Where do you want?'

'American steakhouse?' Calum said and Luke grinned. 'American steakhouse it is.' Luke said and continued watching the Disney movie while Calum can't stop grinning and blushing that Luke just booked them a date tomorrow.


Luke was already out when Calum woke up. He left a note for calum saying he already made breakfast and calum just have to microwave it.

From Matthew: practice for the play later. Bring extra clothes and food and money. 2-6 pm. xx

Calum sighed as he grabbed a small duffel bag and neatly put extra clothes and food inside it. He made sure to put the nicest clothes in the bag so when he changed when they done, Calum doesn't have to worry about ugly clothes for their date.

Time passes by and Calum's mouth is running dry from how many times they repeat the play because someone kept on making the mistake.

'Okay that's it! Times up for today. Good job everyone!' Their adviser yelled and they started getting change.

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