Chapter Two

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Alrighty, so again this is rated mature (R) and not sure when I'm going to update if I do continue this...
Writing Song: The Reluctant Heroes from SnK/Aot.
Malus and Carrie are both sixteen at this point.
Disclaimer: Do not own Castlevania, otherwise Fernandez warrior would have been given a first name.

      Carrie attempted to discreetly inch her way closer to the bed of the wagon, trying to settle herself further in order to rest, if only for a short while. Carrie had stopped listening to Malus as soon as the teen had become a stuttering, blabbering mess after simply asking him if he had any remaining kin. Carrie had not expected him to brag about his parents and sister, preceding to tell her every detail as she nodded like clockwork, even as her own dark thoughts drifted elsewhere to a dank, crushing cellar as screams continued to ring. The forces of darkness Carrie could easily handle, but the emotions driving other people's actions? Not so much.
A unbearably cold, leather glove gripped one of her hands as Malus leaned towards her. Carrie jumped, startled at the sudden physical contact. Like emotions, casual physical contact was not Carrie's forte. At a monastery with three ruthless, determined monks, Carrie spent every waking moment of the past four years training and studying. Throughout Carrie's quest to find and destroy Dracula, the only physical contact she'd experienced being the scratch of of dirty claws and stinging bites. His cerulean orbs softened at her reaction as he gently, but firmly stroked her palm with his thumb. Carrie shivered, looking up finally into his eyes.
"Oh, Carrie", His cool sigh stirring the periwinkle hair near her face, "How I wish my touch wouldn't cause you such distress!"
"That's not it! I-I just..." Carrie trailed off, unable to articulate her own lack of experience . Carrie was not at all prepared for the handsome youth as he leaned in even further. His full lips eclipsing Carrie's interest. Carrie had never had any interaction with anyone outside of the remote monastery, much less engaged in any romantic trifles. The young sorceress was quite innocent, at least in that respect, and while in her limited time with her biological parents, she had seen how deeply her parents loved each other, she'd never experienced any companionship or affection outside of her family. Any potential male suitors who'd just become aware of Carrie's subtle charms were quickly discouraged from pursuing her by their wary parents. Even amongst a clan of warlocks and witches, Carrie still was considered to be odd. Beautiful yet odd, many members gently remarked as she passed by the campfire, crimson eyes lost in thought. Malus watched her somberly.
"To think that someone as brave and accomplished as you could be so innocent", Malus mused in amusement, "No
matter; I've made my decision." Before Carrie could respond, Malus quickly interrupted in a rather grave tone "Say, Carrie...when we get back to the village...will you marry me?"

"What!?" She exclaimed, taken off guard.

"Please, Carrie! Do say yes." He pleaded, moving his hand slowly up to her alabaster forearm.

Carrie shrank back, confusion written clearly on her delicate features. "But, this is so sudden..." She weakly began, glancing fearfully at his hand.

"I'll make you happy. I promise." The youth continued persuading, both of his supple hands trailing up to lightly rest on her shoulders.

Carrie gulped. Perhaps I can dissuade him somehow, I can't marry anyone now, the thought frantically repeated over and over. "But we are both too young. It's far too soon to get married." Surely, Malus must be mistaken about the term or meaning behind it...

Malus paused, deep in thought, the only sound alluding them that they had an audience was the occasional cough of the villager at the front of the wagon. Carrie continued to cautiously observe the teen as he finally spoke up again, his tone much less confident than before, "Well then, when we grow up we'll be married?" His eyes watered as his head dipped low, waiting for her to reject him even further.
A wave of nausea passed through her as she felt distress dig its claws deep into her stomach. Regret over her words being so blithely misinterpreted by the misguided youth forced her to swallow the lump in her throat as she barely managed to choke out, "Malus, you will become a brave warrior and protect me?"

Malus let out a cry of delight before fervently nodding his head "Yes! Whatever happens, I'll protect you!!"

"Is that so? Well I'll think about it..." She offered, staring at her boots. That should help change his mind.

Malus's grip tightened painfully, Carrie yelped as his fingers furrowed into her shoulders. Her attention snapped back up towards the visibly fuming Malus. He shook her, cerulean eyes flashing on the cold, October night.
"No, No! You must promise now! Say you'll be my bride!!" He spat out as he encircled her with his lanky arms, drawing her closer to his frigid body.

Carrie couldn't believe how quickly things had changed in the ten minutes that had passed. How was she ever going to convince Malus to let go of her and not damage their relationship? How could someone have such a mercurial change in temperament? Malus continued to hold her firmly in his arms, as he slowly exhaled. When he'd calmed down enough, one purple glove rose up to lightly stroke her hair absentmindedly.

Carrie forced herself to keep her trembling down to a minimum as she resolved to not let the situation escape her control any more than it already had. Shame flooded her mind as she bitterly embraced the fact that her training had been worthless in the face of this situation. Learning to control her fear around a monster intent on extinguishing her life had no value in dealing with a friend's ardent, unreciprocated affections. When she returned home, she would have to consult her teachers. No Fernandez warrior worth her salt would ever become easily intimated by any man or woman's touch. Field mice make better companions than you, Carrie wryly mused, at least, they have a reason to be afraid.

"Oh alright. When you grow up, I will be your bride. Is that alright?" She nonchalantly answered as best she could. Better to appease him now then rectify the situation later, after mediating in the garden.

Malus smirked as he abruptly released her. Turning away, he mused in a low tone "Yes. Very good. Now we have a binding contract..." Carrie's eyes widened as she grabbed his arm forcing him to face her again "What? What did you just say?"

"Oh nothing." A sing song voice responded, refusing to answer any more of her prodding or questions as the wagon continued its journey to the nearest village. The pretty, little bird had already been ensnared, why bother creating a panic? Soon he would have her willingly by his side as he rebuilt his forces. With her powers, the world would not be able to offer up any more foolish mortals to oppose his might. Carrie Fernandez would bring about the end.

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