Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Jade's POV:

*1 month later*
Perrie was fully recovered and she was back to normal everyday life again. Jesy and Leigh were coming over for a movie night. We had about 20 minutes until they would arrive. Perrie had picked the movies we were going to watch while I went and got blankets to make everyone comfortable. Just as everything was set out there was a knock at the door. I went to go and get it but Perries hand wrapped around my wrist.

"I got it babe" she said while pecking my lips.

"GOD THERES PAPARAZZI EVERYWHERE!" I heard Leigh say loudly as she entered the living room.

"Nice to see you too" I say back.

"Haha, Hello Jadey" Leigh said while embracing me in a hug.

"Hey Leigh" I say while hugging back.

"Hiya Jadey!" Jesy said coming into my vision.

"Hello Jesminda" I say extending my arms towards her. She wraps her arms around me tightly.

"Well! Who's this sexy friend you brought! She's a good looking girl" I say winking at Perrie. She just giggles.

"Oh wait. That's MY beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, sexy, hot, pretty, breathtaking girlfriend" I emphasize the my part. She's just standing there blushing while I am walking over to her.

"I love you" she says while snaking her arms around my shoulders.

"I love you more" I say back while placing my hands on her hips.

"I love you most" she giggles before kissing my nose softly. It then makes me start giggling but I press my lips on hers and kiss her slowly.

"Bleeeeh" I heard Jesy and Leigh say. They were making throwing up noises like 8 year olds. I pull away from Perries lips with a massive smile on my face. She has one from ear to ear. These moments were so special to me and I knew they were just as special to Perrie as well. We walk hand in hand to the couch as I lay down first and Perrie is in front of me. I like to be the one holding her sometimes. Just to let her know I'm always here for her and she's safe.


Halfway through the movie my mind wouldn't shut up. All I wanted to do was please Perrie. She did it to me that night in the hospital bed and I wanted to get her back. I started to kiss behind her ear. I knew it drove her crazy. She giggled at the contact my lips made. I then ran my fingers all the way up the inside of her thigh. My lips parted from their spot to only be placed on her neck. I put light kisses everywhere while circling my fingers higher and higher. Her breathing started to increase as the smallest moan escaped her mouth. I brought my lips up to her ear again and began placing small kisses to it.

"I want you" was the words I whispered in her ear as I gently nibbled on her earlobe. I was driving her absolutely crazy at this point in time. She obviously couldn't take it anymore because I was now being dragged off the couch into our bedroom. The door slammed shut and I was pushed against it. Perries lips crashed with mine as she slid her tongue along my lips. I didn't hesitate to let her in.

"Really. We have been here no less than 30 minutes and you decide to do this! Maybe if you kept your hands off each other WE WOULD ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO HANG OUT!" Leigh's voice rang through our apartment. She was just being moody and she would get over it soon. She was probably just playing around. We heard the door slam shut and Perrie had now pushed me onto the bed. Her hands were up my shirt and soon enough that was off. I absolutely loved when she took charge.

"Stay there" she said with a smirk on her face. As she was getting off me she pulled my pants off too. She took off her top and her pants and I pulled a sad face.

"It's much better when I undress you" I say. She just giggles and walks over to the cupboard and pulls out a bag.

"What's that!" I ask as she's bringing it closer.

"It's kinda embarrassing. Jesy got it for us" that was all she had to say because I knew exactly what it is.

"Sounds fun" I smirk at her.

"and I also got these because I thought it would also be fun" she says while smirking and pulling out a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. My eyes widen and I still had the same smirk on my face.

"So let's try these out first" she said while climbing on top of me. She clipped one handcuff to my wrist and one to the top of the bed. I felt so helpless lying there while my incredibly sexy girlfriend was kissing every part of my body. I arched my back as she took off my bra and kissed every new spot of exposed skin. Then her fingers made their way down to the top of my underwear. She planted soft kisses to the inside of my thighs while I couldn't help the feeling that came over me.

"P-Perrie stop teasing and do i-it" I said while panting. I felt her smile against my skin. The material came off and she made me moan.


Perrie's POV:

"You're turn" Jade said breathless. I was quite proud of myself actually because I made her scream my name. I crawled up to her face and planted a kiss to her lips. I unclipped her hand from the cuff and she didn't hesitate to roll me straight over. She may seem all cute and innocent but in bed she is the total opposite. I love the sexy side of Jade, it's amazing. My hand was now in the cuff and I was so lost in thought I hadn't even noticed my bra and underwear were off. God she works fast. She pulled out Jesys present from the bag and my eyes went wide. She wasn't going to use it was she. But she did and oh god did it feel good.


I woke up the next morning with me cuddling my Jadey. We were still naked from the night before and I had to say we had the best night ever. I was finally awake first for once so I decided to make her a surprise breakfast. I got up carefully and threw on one of Jades oversized shirts. I walked into our kitchen and started cooking bacon and eggs. Just as I had finished putting two juices on the table I heard something croak from behind me. I turned around and saw a sleepy Jade standing in the door way. I couldn't help but smile.

"Good morning buba. Nice shirt" she said while walking over to me.

"Morning love, yeah I borrowed it because I like it" I say smiling and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

"You did this for me" she asked.

"Course, you're my baby girl. I'd do anything for you" I say while sitting down at the table. She joined me and smiled.

"I'm surprised you're walking" she looked up at me smirking. I playfully hit her arm.

"Yeah whatever. Eat up, we have a big day" I say shoveling food into my mouth.


After locking up the house we headed to the interview hand in hand. I was quite surprised when I saw how many paparazzi's were outside.

"C'mon we will go the back way" I say pulling Jade away from the door. I know how frightened she gets of them and there's was a lot here so I thought it was best. I called up our driver and told him to meet us out the back, which he did. We safely got into the car without being spotted. Upon arriving at the building where our interview was being held there were even more snoopy paparazzi's. Honestly sometimes they're so annoying. I felt Jade's grip on mine tighten.

"Hey, look at me. I'll be with you" I say kissing her forehead. We stepped out of the car and that was it. There were flashes everywhere. I didn't even know which way to look. Jade had her face buried in my chest as I held onto her tight. Questions were being thrown left right and centre. I ignored most of them because they were stupid until one caught me off guard.

"Have some good sex last night" someone said. I pretended I didn't hear it. Then they all started.

"Yeah nice hickey"

"Is Jade good in bed"

"How do lesbians have sex"

"It even looks like you two had a fun night"

I felt Jade start crying against my chest as I pulled her to the side. Security blocked us off as I started to talk to Jade.

"Baby look at me" I say lifting her head up with my fingers.

"Don't be upset. I'm always going to be here to protect you. Remember when I was getting out of hospital, you were so brave for me and now it's my turn. No one will ever ever hurt you. No one will ever tear us apart again. We were made for each other and I can't let someone as amazing as you get away. I love spending every single second I can with you because I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else. You're a blessing in my life, an angel that has been sent down from heaven. I have never loved someone as much as I love you Jade. I'm never letting you go. You're my forever" and with that I kissed her. It was one of the most passionate kisses we had ever shared. From that moment on I took a vow to protect the one thing that I loved with my whole life. My second half that I'm meant to be with for the rest of my life. I will dedicate every single waking second to make her happy and please her. Jade Amelia Thirlwall has changed my life and I never want her to leave.

The End

(( A/N: Hope you liked it. I'm writing another one. haha I'm so addicted. Yeah so thank you to everyone who has read it. Love you all xxx ))

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