A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped story) (26)

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I do as he says and give into the heat and pain, I think I'm falling asleep or fainting or just day dreaming I can’t be sure, my mind is just so hot and hazy I feel like I'm in a tanning bed and have no way out.

Sometime between my high like state the stranger man has manage to get back on the horse and is............ I give in.


Whitney's (Pov)

There were several times when I came in and out consciousness, though I could not be sure but a few times I would feel spouts of the painful heat, and then I would fall back into my peaceful darkness.

Then what felt like seconds later I am pulled from my foggy state of mind by a voice or maybe voices I'm not sure which. I can only make our faint murmurs and a few bits and pieces of words like yes and no, but I can’t distinguish between the two.

After a few moments the voice or voices become clearer and I hear what I think is a conversation but it’s sort of broken up because now I think I only hear one voice.

“Yes I understand, I know. ................... I will not put her in anymore danger or hurt her any further! We will get there on the day promised it will just be later into the day................. Of course I know what is at stake I have known for too long! You have my word; nothing further will happen to her, I will get her to you in good condition. ........................ The demon is not a threat to her or me I will handle anything that gets in my path, you know this.......... Good, we will see each other soon,"

The voice is very faint and faded, maybe I'm not as awake as I first thought; maybe I’m dreaming still, but if I am would I really be this aware? I doubt it, but stranger things have happen.

I try to open my eyes and I feel the strain but eventually I crack them open. My eyes are sore and dry. My vision comes faced with a rough grey wall, a stone wall?

 What? I lift my arm up and out to touch the wall and I confirm its stone. Its texture is scruffy and very cold. I pull my hand back.

I shift and move my body a bit and realize that I no longer feel that painful heat, no actually I feel very cool.

A little too cool, I move a bit more and feel the after math of the heat which has made my body very achy and heavy, but I'll take feeling achy and heavy everyday over that heat ever again.

I carefully shift so that I am lying on my back. I take deep breaths to further my waking up. I take a deep breath through my noise and I notice a very musty humid hay smell.

Wait hay, why would I smell hay on a ship? Within a second I realize that what’s wrong; I'm not on the ship any longer, I'm, I'm not with Will anymore; I'm with the stranger, I've been kidnapped by a stranger for only god knows.

I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and I feel a bit light headed from the air as well as all the stress.

The more I shift and toss around the more I realize that as I do I hear a scrunching noise and feel that beneath me is very, well strange; I feel almost as if, as if I'm lying on twigs, maybe? What am I lying on, wait where am I, if I'm not on the ship where am I?

I carefully begin to sit up and I quickly realize that I only have a thin white sheet covering me. I wiggle a bit and lift up the sheet and to my horror I see I am only in my black underwear.

I sit up fully and frantically look around for my cloths. As I'm doing this I take in my surroundings. The whole room is covered with the stone and the ground is made up of mud and dirt.

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