20 - Caden

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Pain shudders through my body as I force myself to fight the drug in my body as consciousness comes back. My ears felt like I was underwater as sounds reach my ears in a muffled way, hazy and distorted.

"Caden." Some one says as the world and sounds come into sharp focus and I sit up.

"A-Amelia!" I state as the world shows itself to me and i stand frantically.

"They...they took her." I gasp out, sniffing the air for Grace's scent.

"What!" Amelia whispers horrified as I turn to look at my friend, realizing that I was naked and in my human form.

"I'm sorry. I tried to protect her but they had a gun, a dart gun. That's why I was out of it." I state, pacing back and forth as I try to figure out where Grace might be, relaying the map of the run in my head over and over gain.

"She'll...she'll make it out. I know Grace and she will come back to us." I hear her whisper. I think she was trying to convince herself though. Ragers were not ones to mess with and sadly we both knew Grace had a better chance at freedom of she killed herself. But we had to be optimistic.

"Caden here!" I felt something being thrown at me and turn to see Amelia blushing and my clothes on the forest floor beside me.

I realize that she wanted me to put them on and quickly dress before resuming my pacing.

"How do we find her?" I ask, running my hand through my hair.

"I can mind link her. I know that mind links don't work much in this forest but the closer we are the stronger the link gets so as long as we can find her scent or the Ragers scent we can follow it to where she might be and hope that the link works." She states, her eyes showing the slight hope she holds onto.

"What if it doesn't work?" I ask quietly.

"Then we pray she finds a way out herself or she finds a way to kill herself."

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