Chapter 18: Drake

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Drake was smiling with his arm wrapped around a small red head who had a cowgirl hat on. She looked sweet and they actually made a cute couple. I shook my head bemused at the turn of events.


“So…where do I sign?” I asked as she handed me the papers for signing me up for my classes.






Chapter 18:


Lexi’s POV:



After the papers were signed Paulina and I talked for a few minutes. Mom tapped me on the shoulder,



“Honey I need to get going, or I’ll be late for work if we don‘t leave for shopping soon.” She explained. I nodded and was going to tell Paulina goodbye when she stood,


“Can’t you stay? I’ll drive you back home.” She whined with a little pout. I thought it over,


“Hey mom? Can we go tomorrow?” I asked her. She smiled softly at me but nodded. Hugging me she whispered,


“Be safe baby girl. I love you.” I fought hard not to cringe at the physical contact. I didn’t but I was stiff. Hopefully she didn’t notice. I watched her walk out hesitantly and gave me one last look before walking out. I knew it was hard for her to leave me alone just a soon after she got me out but she understood I needed my space.


“So! What do you say we go over to the GYM and surprise the crap out of old Drake hmm?” She quirked a mischievous eyebrow. I smiled and nodded. She hooked her arm through mine causing my heart to speed up, but I just took a deep breath,


“Can you just leave the office?” I asked once we were out of the small place and into the corridor of the hall. There were some student’s here and there, possibly coming back from going to the restroom or going to their lockers. Since class was in session the halls were fairly quiet. Walking down the small hallways I noticed whenever a boy walked down the opposite way he would stare at me.


“Good gracious even after you being…gone you still attract the attention of the opposite sex…heck I’m sure even a few girls!” She snorted. I gave her a crazy look…no pun intended,

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