No wonder she was in such a fucking good mood.

"I was going to tell you at school today but uh, things got the better of me." Jack said softly, scuffing his shoe awkwardly against the floorboards looking like a child who expected a scolding.

Mark bit his lip, unsure of what to say to such a statement. After all, what was he supposed to answer that with? I'm sorry? Please don't go? I'll miss you? God the more he went over it in his head the angrier he felt. Jesus when did he get so angry? What happened to him? It couldn't possibly be normal to feel anger like this.

"So is that why you came here?" Mark asked, not meaning for the words to come out so robotic; the sound far too dead and bitter to be anything Mark could even imagine leaving his lips. "Just to say goodbye?"

Suddenly a small smile began to tug at the corner of the green haired boy's mouth, a half chuckle leaving his mouth as he raised his eyes to meet Mark's, a cheeky glint in their blue depths. "Obviously not, you idiot. Of course I'm not listening to that old fart! No, there's nothing left for me in Ireland, why would I want to go back? I can't believe you thought I'd just let him take me." There was laughter lighting up Jack's face that did nothing to help the anger boiling dangerously hot in Mark's stomach.

The dark haired boy found himself dumbfounded, confusion swiftly covering his features before giving way for irritation. "But then, why the hell come here? Did you think it would be a great fucking prank or something? You scared the fucking shit out of me!" The dark haired teen didn't intend for his words to come out so loud or so frustrated, but they did, because he was fucking angry. How could Jack do this? Was this some kind of test? Did he think Mark was just some kind of plaything to mess around with? God, he needed to calm down.

"Don't be stupid, Mark. I'm getting the fuck out of this dead-end town right now, and I came here to ask you to come with me." He said calmly, with an eye roll to add to the 'duh' tone of his voice. "It's the only reasonable answer, Mark. We're in danger here. We need to go, and quickly."

Mark clenched and unclenched his fists to try and calm himself, the movement immediately followed by Jack's eyes, flickering from Mark's hands to his face. Suddenly Jack's half-assed relaxed demeanour was tense, his face guarded and his eyes wary as they took in Mark's expression. The dark haired boy stopped his action but Jack didn't relax.

"What are you talking about, Jack? What kind of danger could we possibly be in?" Mark asked; a bite in his words that he honestly wasn't expecting to be there that was enough to make Jack bristle like a fucking porcupine.

"Because of Jason, Mark! Don't you get it? Whether he gets shoved in the slammer or not, we're still in danger here." Jack said firmly, a real hint of fear lacing his voice that made Mark shiver. "He wants me fucking dead. Do you really think a few years in prison will change that? All I'm asking for is a head start, with you."

Mark's only answer was to look at the other boy like he'd grown a second head to which the green haired boy sighed tiredly. "Do I have to prove it to you?" Jack asked, wrinkling his nose like this was causing him some sort of inconvenience.

The dark haired teen found he couldn't keep himself calm in the face of such a situation. "Fine. Prove it." He spat out, disbelief in every word which earned him a hurt look from Jack.

The green haired boy looked high strung; his eyes darting around the room like someone might be listening in before apparently making his mind up. Jack's right hand carefully reached around to his back, seemingly pulling something out of one of his back pockets. Mark's expression was confused for around 3 seconds before Jack brought his hand into view, now clutching the handle of a shiny, black pistol with a smirk plastered on his face.

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