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Mark P.O.V

Shuffling a little from foot to foot, Mark checked his watch for the fifth time in the last minute, unable to keep himself still as he watched the minute hand creep past the halfway marker. He sighed quietly at the sight. Safe to say Jack was late. Very late.

Mark wasn't sure what to do with himself as he waited except allow his brain to wander to things he wished could just be left alone. Of course he didn't want to remember Samantha McLoughlin's shining smile or the autumn leaves landing softly on her coffin; Jack's sharp face in the harsh sunlight as he held back his tears. Still, those were the images his brain supplied.

Mark shivered at the memories, checking his watch once again to distract himself. Jack still hadn't appeared. Where was he? What was he doing? What was taking him so long? Had he gotten lost?

You see, Mark had sent Jack his address as soon as he realised the other boy probably had no idea where he lived. He wondered had Jack even bothered to check his damn phone to see if Mark had replied. Maybe he was just roaming the town aimlessly just a few feet from the dangers of the street. A bolt of fear went through Mark at the thought.

No. He was being stupid. This was Jack, the boy with a stupid smirk and a cocky attitude to match no other. Since when had Mark started thinking about him like he was so fragile? It was Jack. He could look after himself. Couldn't he?

The house would only be empty for so long, and the thought make Mark fidget with the cuff of his sleeve anxiously. He'd barely been able to convince his mom and dad to go out for a date tonight, but if they caught Jack here with him, alone, Mark knew it would never happen again. Chances were his mom would take over again and boot him out of the house quicker than he could even think of the word 'sorry'.

A knock at the door sent him back to earth with a jolt, immediately running over to the door and opening it without a second thought.

Of course Jack stood on the porch and Mark was struck for a second at how different Jack looked from when they first met. Jack's once healthily round face was now drawn with sharp angles; his blue eyes had sunk deep into his face and they'd lost the shining spark of life that used to light up Jack's entire face. Mark wondered sadly how long it had been gone before he actually noticed.

The green haired boy was panting harshly and his cheeks flushed a light pink like he'd ran all the way here, his phone clutched in his hand from where he'd probably double checked the address before knocking.

Mark opened his mouth to greet his friend, but was immediately cut off as the Irishman shoved his way into the warmth of Mark's home without a word. The dark haired teen, although surprised by the abrupt behaviour, didn't comment on it and instead quickly closed the door, whipping around to find Jack fixing him with those piercing eyes, staring at him with something close to pity.

Mark met his gaze firmly, waiting patiently for Jack to speak, unsure what to make of the odd behaviour. A few seconds of silence passed, ticking away like a small eternity in which the two couldn't seem to look away; each trying to anticipate what the other would do next.

It was only when Jack did speak that he broke their little staring competition by adverting his gaze to the ground, biting his lip. "Mark, I-uh I'm leaving, tonight."

Mark felt his heart drop to his feet. "You're...what?" He practically whispered the words.

Jack sighed quietly, raising his eyes to meet Mark's once again. "My Uncle wants to take me back to Ireland with him. He says he promised your mom he would or something."

This information tumbled down on Mark like a sack of bricks, his eyes widening comically in his shock as his brain tried to process what it was hearing. The thoughts flying through his mind at a thousand miles an hour; Jack was leaving. Jack would be gone by tomorrow. He would never see Jack's face again. And it was all thanks to his fucking bitch of a mother.

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