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"Would you let me lead you even when you're blind? In the darkness, in the middle of the night, in the silence, when there's nobody by your side."

C h a l l e n g i n g T h e A l p h a

C h a p t e r T h i r t e e n


Jay leads Rowan and I out of the cells. I, was mortified by the smell that I swear if I stayed in there I would vomit. Rowan staggers beside me with a pained expression on his face. I allow him to lean on me much to Jay's dismay. Rowan reeks of death and it pains me to think that he could of died, all because of me.

Jay has a cold look upon his face. His eyes are hollow and almost dead... It's frightening to see how someone can lack so much emotion, how someone is practically dead yet so alive. Jay notices my stare and averts his attention to me. I could of sworn his eyes flash with emotion, but as quickly as it passed it vanished. Jay narrows his eyes at me and averts his gaze in front of him.

I huff out in annoyance and turn to Rowan who is breathing heavily and squinting in pain.

"I'm sorry." I whisper out in guilt. This is my fault, he being hurt is my fault.

Rowan looks at me with a stern look on his pained face. "Listen Maddi, this isn't your fault," How does he know that's what I am thinking? As if reading my mind he rolls his eyes playfully, "you're an open book." 

I nervously giggle and avoid his gaze. I know he can practically feel the guilt wash off me. "I'm serious Maddi, I am okay. Nothing the pack doctor won't be able to fix." Rowan says softly.

I smile at him, although I don't believe him, I won't let him know this. 

Jay leads us into the living room which is vacant beside two large men who appear to be guards.

"One of my men will take your friend to the pack doctor, you on the other hand will come with me." Jay says while motioning towards a buff male dressed in a black suit. I bite back a growl and narrow my eyes at Jay.

"No, I go with Rowan." I stubbornly say.

Jay growls angrily and grips my chin firmly. "I make the decisions around here, not you."

I swallow back the lump forming in my throat and nod timidly. Jay flings my chin away roughly and grabs my arm and yanks me away from Rowan who is glaring daggers at Jay. 

Rowan growls softly at the buff man who is trying to escort him to the pack doctor. Finally after a moment and me pleading with him to go he obeys and allows the guard to take him away.

Once Rowan is out of sight I glare at Jay who is hiding a devious smirk.

"What do you want that is so important that I couldn't go with Rowan." I ask angrily.

Jay's face darkens at Rowan's name and he bares his teeth, allowing his fangs to descend. "I'm your mate, not that scum, you will always be with me, you're mine." 

I scoff at him and roll my eyes. "I am not some property you can buy, I am a person, and I will never be your mate. Your sick to think such a thing."

Jay smirks and chuckles while shaking his head. "Ah, I find you quite amusing to think such idiotic thoughts, of course you're mine."

I roll my eyes and decide to give up on this fight. This is another battle I can't win, another battle he wins.

"What could you possibly want from me?" I ask with an annoyed huff. I cross my arms over my chest in defiance; something that I know angers him.

"Quite." Jay instructs while gripping my arm and leading me away from Rowan.

Jay and I walk in complete silence as he takes me back upstairs again. Confusion swirls through my mind, what does Jay want? Jay notices my confusion and smirks at this. "Jay, where are you taking me?" I ask anxiously. My trust in Jay is very small, practically none. For all I know this could be the end of me. I begin to struggle violently as he growls lowly.

"Would you quit?" Jay growls out.

I suppress a growl and a roll of my eyes. His attitude is giving me whiplash, one minute he'll be sweet and surprise me, and then almost as if it's a light switch he is a jerk. Jay is difficult to read and I despise it. I like knowing what goes through a persons mind, I like being in control, and with Jay I receive neither. My control was stripped away from me the moment I step foot on that battlefield, and he knows that. Jay knew all along that he would defeat me.

After all, this is his game.

I realize, once I snap out of my thoughts, that we are in a strange room. It's very dark and has my nerves screaming at me. This unsettling feeling sits within me. My gut doesn't like this and neither does my wolf. She is pacing back in forth with a heavy growl erupting every few seconds. Instantly I realize something bad is going to happen.

Jay leads me to the middle of the empty, dark, room. The small light that was illuminating the room suddenly shuts off. I become paralyzed with fear, the fear of the unknown. I haven't the slightest clue what is going on as I hear footsteps pace.

"I really like games Maddison, and fortunately for me, you have initiated another one." Jay says from behind me. His hot breath is fanning my neck causing shivers to snake down my spine.

What did he mean? I thought we just got done with a game?

"Oh Maddison, don't tell me you thought this was the end of my games? No, don't allow your mind to think that ever again. You've entered one large game that has a series of levels and challenges," Jay pauses and touches my skin allowing sparks to shock around us. "You see, I always will win. I create the game, the challenges and the levels, I know the game for I am the creator." Jay explains. I don't even have to look at him to know he is smirking at me.

"You almost lost before." I say referring to the battle.

Jay chuckles darkly. "No Maddison, I did not almost loose. You and I both now that as soon as you stepped foot in the battlefield you were defeated." The sad thing is I know he is right, he is completely right. 

''So? What happens now?" I ask daringly.

"You wait." Jay says in a nonchalant voice that has me shivering.

"Wait for?" I ask nervously. I wring my hands together in attempt to keep my nerves in a small box.

"The unknown."


Whew! Update is here. Very short but important. I am sorry that it was shorter, I am very busy with family but I wanted to update. 

also, YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING! CTA IS AT #316 IN WEREWOLF! I know that it isn't that big of a deal but I am so thankful that you guys are making my story popular! Thank you so much! I love you all.

How do you feel about Jay now? 

A new game is initiated! Are you guys curious to as what kind of game? 


It involves a death.

I hope you all have an amazing day/night. 

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