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Zane pov
I casually walked down the quiet street minding my own business. I get closer and closer to the rally. I look at the anti-lgbtq+ march seriously people go do this some where else. I look through the crowd and see a person that promised would never go to one of these. Her eyes where red and puffy while Aaron had the same eyes.

   I walked to them. They saw me and ran up. I have Lots of questions.
"Aph why are you at this march" I questioned
"Kayelyn and Travis f-f-forced us t-to do the rally and then she yelled at Gar and l-l-laur" Aphmau told me.
I looked back at her I took off my sweat shirt for her to see the shirt I was wearing. It said

She hugged me and Aaron patted my back

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She hugged me and Aaron patted my back. "Aphmau, Aaron you are the only ones that know this"! I said
"Positive about that" someone said

Aphmaus eyes widened and she whispered quietly "Katelyn"

I whipped my head around to see katelyn standing there alone.
"Ah Katelyn always did seem like a very homophobic person" Aaron said to her

"Heyyyyyyyyyy Katelyn" travis said as he walked over.
"Hey" she said to him
Now my back was turned so you couldn't see the forint of my shirt.
But travis started to say weird things so I turned around to look at him. Katelyn saw the shirt and kicked me right in the stomach.
"Katelyn"!!!! Aphmau yelled.
"What serves him right he shouldn't be gay like his brother. "Zane"? Katelyn asked
"What"? I spat
"Is Vlyad gay like you" she asked
"No" I said lying.
I mumbled but he is trans
"What was that he's a tranny how lovely" she spat

"Travis" Katelyn said
"Yes" he responded
"Hurt them all" Katelyn spat
"No" he said
"No, I'm gay" he told her

I passed out after that cause Katelyn kicked me in the back and head.

BAI my souls. ~ Alyssa

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