Chapter 6 - The Thug and the Victim

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Chad Watermelonisho made by LikeAV8. Emi, he was boring to write for (Emi is my friend irl, don't accuse me of being rude )

I made Slaundra Autix, and she was also boring as hell... which explains the shortness of this chappie.

Also, Emi, don't get mad at me for Chad, I can't write for thugs o.o

Chapter Six – District Six

               Chad Watermelonisho leaned back, cigarette in his hand, against the cold brick wall in the darkness. He watched as several men approached him. A smile reached his face.

               “We thought we’d find you here, boss.” One of them smirked at him, pulling out a knife.

               “Don’t call me boss, Trav.” Chad told him, motioning towards the weapon as he placed the cigarette in his mouth.

               “Whatever you say. Are we gonna hit this place or not?” Trav replied. Chad sighed.

               “I think we’ve already talked about this, Trav. I’m solo.” Chad responded, throwing his cigarette to the floor, replacing it with another. “You got a lighter?”

               “Boss, you need us.” Trav said, lighting the cigarette.

               “You were the reason I was caught last time,” Chad said with a puff of smoke.

               “No, the victim was. Mr. Gonzales was always a screamer, you knew it, too, and when you stabbed him, did you expect silence?” Trav responded. The rest of the members stood in the shadows as Trav walked into the light of the street lamp.

               “Whatever, Trav.” Chad replied, finishing his cigarette. Chad was a renown murderer. The Peacekeepers attempted to kill him multiple times, but they never had proof. With the murder of Mr. Gonzales, Chad was caught, but not with the knife. Chad had another willing member who took the knife and was executed. Chad had that sort of power over people.

               Chad stomped on the last cigarette of his pack.

               “Damn,” he murmured, throwing the empty pack onto the ground. Chad looked down into a shard of reflective glass. His face was contorted from drugs, his skin was dark and cut, his black hair was hidden beneath a black bandana, and his piercing brown eyes were the things his victims feared the most.


               Slaundra Autix wrote in a leather-cased diary as the sun rose over District Six. Slaundra didn’t enjoy life here. She was an intellectual girl, but was ridiculed because of how weak she was. In the factories, Slaundra could barely lift a toolbox. Instead, she stuck to testing rather than building. She was basically the person who nobody gave a damn for.

               Slaundra closed her diary, placing it under her bed pillow. She sat back against the bed with a sigh. Slaundra sat in silence, until she heard a knock on her door. She curiously ran down the stairs. Slaundra reached the door and opened it.

               “Is this the Autix residence?” a Peacekeeper asked. Did I do something wrong, Slaundra thought.

               “Yes,” Slaundra replied shakily.

               “There were reported gunshots down at Fissou and Autix Exports. We heard that your father works there, correct?” the man at the door asked. Slaundra gulped.