Marcus P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, biscuts, and baby diapers. When I left my room I saw Jordan running around the house.

"Why you up so early Jor?" I asked

"We have a new challenge and do not call me "Jor" She said in a rush.

"OH! What is it this time?" I was very nervous.

"We need to teach Mia how to walk."

Before I could say another word, she pushed me into my room and told me to get dressed. Teach me how to doughie is all I could think. She pushed Mia in her stroller and I pushed the triplets. We arrived before anybody else.

                                                                             Jordan's POV

I took Mia out the stroller. She knew how to stand so we would teach her the rest. I grabed her hands and we walked to the slide. I let go of her hands and told  her to go back to her stroller.


Two minutes later she made it. We tried one last time before others got here. We walked to the slide. Then I let go and she,......

Stepped.........Stepped.............Almost fell...........Runs...........

When everybody got here I could see Ana was teaching her boy how to walk. He picked a flower and walked over (waddled) to her. He handed her the flower and stumbled away.

I leaned toward Marcus and said "Somebody has a crush"

He smiled, but I heard him mumble something. I could not tell what he said, so I was about to ask him when Ms. Sanders came. All the moms and dads lined up. I lined up with Mia and she could not wait to show off her skill.When she heard the word go she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her. She fell twice, but she still came in first place. 

                                                                          Later That Day

Mia and I went out for ice cream while Marcus went home. Mia was asleep when we got home. The triplets and Marcus where too. I was too tired to cook so I went to bed.

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