Happy Halloween!

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It was Halloween morning, and me and Gerald were figuring out what to be." How about I'll be Joker, you be Harley Quinn?" "Yass sounds perfect!"

We got our costumes then he put his on, even though it was only morning. I quickly helped G with his makeup, which made him look sexy and hot.

I quickly got my makeup set up where I could quickly do it, and G wrapped his arms around me kissing my neck." I love you so fucking much." He said inbetween kisses then sucked on my neck leaving hickies.

I kissed him roughly before whispering in his ear," I love you too sexy." He smirked then kissed me deeply a few times.

"So are we gonna go trick or treating tonight?" I asked." Of course we are doll. Even though we're like 27 years old but fuck it."

I giggled then soon enough it was seven at night. I quickly got changed into my costume and did my makeup and hair." C'mon baby girl! Let's go trick or treating!" Gerald called from downstairs.

"Coming puddin!" I joked. I heard him laugh a bit from downstairs, damn his laugh was so adorable. But he's always adorable so...yeah.

I went downstairs and he looked at me then whistled," Damn you look hot. I'm so glad youre mine." I giggled then kissed below his earlob. I slipped my shoes on the grabbed his hand.

"Ready?" I asked him." Yep, le's go." We walked out, fingers interwined, and we scared the living shit out of a couple children. Some people loved out costumes but Gerald just flipped them off then we kept going.

A/N Have a LIT Halloween

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