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"He hasn't gotten out of bed all day, Jim."

"He's fine."

"We need to take him to a hospital."

"Did he cough up blood again?"

"Yes. I might have to burn his bedsheets."

"You can't take them from him, he's too cold. But it's good he's getting it out."

"It's blood, Jim. Not phlegm. This isn't good."

"He's fine."

"He needs to go to the hospital."

"He doesn't need a hospital. He's fine. Really. He's fine."

"Jim, I'm taking him to a hospital. He could die."

"He's not dying. He's not. He's fine. He's fine."

He hugged Karen and squeezed her.

"He can't die, Karen. I love him so much."

"He's not going to die."

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

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