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The air was heavy, my head was spinning periodically, a clear whiskey bottle glistened in the street lights above me in Santa Fey.

The humming of cars going by was not helping; they probably thought of me as some drunk, mindless teenager but I was running away from someone; my stepfather. The son of a bitch has my mother the slight clutches, having her doing all kinds of drugs since I was little.

Hell, I was no better than mom.

My existence is a curse-- I've doing drugs since the tender age of fourteen, drinking before that at twelve years old, about the same time I was pulled into the crazed, hazy life of them. My skin over shadows in the moonlight, caramel complexion looks golden in the dimmed street lights, my bare feet wobbling uncontrollably on the cobbled ancient sidewalks.

I couldn't run anymore, as soon as I started walking a large hand a grasped on my delicate ribcage.

I gasped for the air he knocked out of me.

My mind swerving like a drunken driver riding on a road. "What the fuck did I tell you about leaving home? Bitch I have every right to keep you there, I give all the shit you want. And this is how you repay me? Don't make me laugh you little slut!" He yelled in my audible ear, it was ringing, and I felt like crying in a corner; if there was even a corner to alone.

But there was no escaping this man. His stormy grey eyes where clouded to with lust, anger, and possession, almost every emotion but no love.

Just the hallow shell of what used to be.

My mother, father, and I together. Like it used to be before Daddy died, Mommy found Jace, my stepfather, and my life turned for the worst. His own death was taken on my part. He digs into the pocket of his tattered jeans, and pulls out something sliver; it shines darkly before I realize it's a knife.

I attempt to escape from him, but he just pulls me back in, twisting in the bicep of my arm. I scream out from the intense pain shot up, he dug into the flesh drilling before hitting the gentle bone. Then suddenly, I was dropped on the hardened sidewalk. All I saw a man picking me up; he had the most golden eyes.

"I love you my future wife," He whispered in the ears as comforting word as I drifted into the supple, reliving darkness.


I walked like a cautioner afraid of the sky cracking on them, I'm eyes scanned the area hazily. I was looking for my lover, my sweetheart, my other half. Francis. Her beautiful, curve of her soft lips, her big, innocent dark green eyes, and her coffee creamy skin. She just caught when I first met her, like a deer in headlights.

A beautiful, ebony deer in headlights.

I'm such a fool. I 'bought' her from her druggie step father Jace. I've known him for a while, before he went into all drugs and alcohol. I just love her too. It's been like that when I met her the first time as her Algebra teacher when was fifteen; she's grown up so much now. I know how Jace is, and I don't want her to go into that kind of life when I know I can save her.

I had been walking aimlessly after a business meeting that ran too late, thinking of her after. It's surprising how one human can make another human go made with various emotions; love, lust, anger, sadness, regret, depression, etc. I see a girl, she's walking unfocused like, then I realized it was her. She was holding a clear bottle of whiskey, she wobbled uncontrollably.

I watched her from a small distance, seeing a familiar figure grasp her chest. Jace. I run before it was too late; he had dug a knife into her arm. I felt anger burn in my chest. When I snap into reality Francis is on the sidewalk, blood pouring out of her tiny arm. I carry her bridal style, feeling her blood seep into my buttoned shirt. I heard a voice coming from the darkness, immediately realizing it was Jace's.

"What the hell do you want?!" I spat a him, my pursed lips where now in a hard line like I was speaking through my teeth.

"I need the money before you take off with that bitch," He sneered putting a dirty hand on my arm. I gritted my teeth, used my free arm to dig out for the money. After getting his money, he looked at my satisfied, and walked off. She'd have to go to the hospital for her wounds. Before I call 911, I kissed her head and murmured "I love you my future wife,".


I woke up in unfamiliar surroundings; the room was small, navy blue paint that looked new on the walls, it was beautiful. A small brown rocking chair sat in the corner, followed by two drawers, a computer, and finally the bed. I had to get of here.

This wasn't my house, and as much I did not want to go, I had to.

I as I got up, I felt a firm grip on my waist.

I turned to see the most handsome I've seen in my life. He had curly, silky hair that rested on his shoulders, they tumbled over his over her face, which was manly and squared face. He laid beside me peacefully, his chest uncovered, his lower covered by a pair of pajama pants. I looked myself to see that I was wearing a white, flowy old styled nightgown, different from the t-shirt and boy shorts I had on before.

I lightly slipped out of the hold, heading to what I thought was the bathroom. I washed my long hair, then stepped out the shower. I looked at my face. I screamed, that was when the man asleep barged in with broom in his hand. What the hell?!

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