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This is a very mature chapter. If you are not over 18, please do not read this chapter.

Christian entered the seating area in our section of the pack house and flopped down next to me.

"How was your first patrol?" I asked as I set my textbook down.

"Boring. Brent didn't let me do anything," he complained.

I laughed lightly, "That was the point."

"But Dad got to. I'm big enough now."

"Dad didn't have to deal with hostile territories. Maybe in a couple years when everything settles down you can do more."

I could tell he didn't like that answer but it was the only one he was getting. I couldn't deny how relieved I was that his first patrol was boring. He was only five so I didn't want anything too exciting to happen. Usually, patrols were very quiet though. Of course, except for when Zac found Rachel.

"Momma can I invite Kyle over?"

Who the hell was Kyle?

It took me a minute to realize he was talking about the boy from school he had befriended when Brittany told him I wasn't his mother.

"When we go home," I responded.

Christian sighed and slumped back on the couch, "But I'm bored."

"Why don't you find someone to play with here," I suggested.

"No one wants to play with me."

"That's not true. What about Brent's daughter?"

He scrunched up his nose like that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever said. I swear, he and Titus had the exact same mannerisms.

"Or not," I responded to myself.

"She can't play the same games as me," he rationalized.

"Why not?"

"Because she's a girl. She'll get hurt."

While I thought it was cute he was concerned for her safety, I wanted to stop the damsel in distress complex. When that girl grew up, she would be perfectly capable of taking care of herself and I didn't want Christian to think women had to always have a man to protect them.

"Do you plan on hurting her?"


"Then she will be fine. Girls can play the same as boys."

"No they can't, Mom."

"So I can't do the same things as your dad?"

He shook his head instantly, "Dad's big and strong. You're small."

I laughed lightly, "That's true but I can still do the same things."

"Sure, Momma."

My jaw just about hit the floor as he patronized me. My five year old son was just sarcastic! Who the hell taught him that?

"Go play with Brent's daughter," I responded as I shook my head.

He groaned but made his way out to the main house.

I picked up my textbook again and continued reading. Fertility treatments were complicated at best; at least, that was my understanding. There were plenty of natural remedies to help a woman conceive but none of those would help Macy. Her problem was physical. She simply wasn't built to have children. Every treatment I had read of involved the male as well. I needed her husband's sperm to do anything. I wasn't sure how she could obtain that but it was necessary.

I got through a few more chapters before Titus came to our wing and closed the connecting door, clearly pissed off about something.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I set my book down again.

He shook his head, "Brent was just challenged for his position."

"Really?" I asked, shocked by this development.

"Yeah. It was one of the old Dark Moon pack members."

"Weird," I mused.

He flopped down next to me, just as Christian had earlier.

"How was Christian's patrol?" He asked.

"Fine. He said is was boring, thank God."

Titus laughed a little, "Where's he at?"

"I sent him to play with Emily."

"Oh yeah?"

I nodded with a slight smile. I had every intention of finishing what we had started earlier.

I scooted as close as possible to Titus and brushed my lips over his strong jaw line. He let me continue my slow seduction down his neck. I wanted more though.

I tugged his basic gray t-shirt over his head and lightly ran my hands over his perfectly defined chest and stomach. His body had been molded to perfection through hours of dedication in the gym and a career in manual labor. He loved construction and even though he co owned the company, he still did a lot of hands on work.

I kissed down his chest, his abs, only to go to my knees in front of him and unbutton his jeans. His breathing picked up just enough to be noticeable which gave me a thrill. I loved that he wasn't able to control every anatomical response when I touched him.

He was hard, waiting for me to make my move; I hadn't even really touched him yet and he was growing with anticipation. Starting at the base, I licked my way up, listening to him moan in appreciation. I took him in my mouth, careful to keep my teeth tucked away as he gathered my hair out of my face and gripped it tightly behind my head. I noticed every muscle in his torso flex with his careful control but I wanted him to lose control. I wanted to know that I could finish him just with my mouth--in my opinion, a true test of how good our sex life could be.

I ran my hands over his tense stomach in an attempt to relax him but he wasn't getting the message. I kept sucking and licking until he wasn't able to control his moaning anymore. His hand gripping my hair barely forced my head a little more, putting more of him in my mouth. I couldn't lie, I liked that he was losing control and starting to force me a bit. I thought I would hate it but as always, I loved everything Titus did.

"Liz," he moaned my name, "Baby, stop or I'm going-"

I didn't listen to anything else he said; I moved my head faster and deeper, making his moans louder. I added my hand to work the half I couldn't fit in my mouth which only added to how tightly he gripped my hair. At that point, he couldn't control himself any longer. His hips moved towards my mouth on their own accord.

"Fuck, Liz," he managed to pant out.

Thick, salty, substance began to fill my mouth and spill out even though I tried to keep all it in. With one last thrust of his hips, he started to relax back on the couch but I still had a mouthful and I didn't know what to do.

"Swallow," he commanded in a tone that radiated power. The sheer authority in his voice sent a shiver down my spine.

I looked up at him, my big blue eyes questioning but complying. The second I wiped my mouth, he pulled me off the floor and instantly discarded my dress. He ripped off my bra and pulled my panties down to throw them somewhere in the room. He turned me around and quickly walked me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us.

Titus pushed me down on the bed gentle, yet firm. He spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs and I thanked God I had just gotten waxed a couple days prior. Not that Titus would care if I didn't but I always stayed well-groomed for him. The pit of my stomach bubbled with anticipation. I loved him between my legs in any way but this, this was always a favorite. He ran his tongue over me, sending my body into a frenzy. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped from my lips and judging by the way his hazel eyes watched me, he wanted me to do it again. His eyes were darkened with lust and I loved every second of it.

His hand trailed up to my chest, just a brush over my breast mixed with his expert tongue cause my back to arch.

My fingers found their way into my soft hair as Titus worked my body. He did everything in his power to make sure I was crying his name in pleasure within minutes.

He kissed his way up my body, focusing on my collarbone and neck. I felt him hard again and ready to enter me. He would be met with no resistance; my body needed his to not only be near but in me as well.

"I love you so much, Elizabeth," he said, breathing heavily but looking directly into my eyes.

I smiled a little, "I love you too, Titus."

With the assurance of my feelings, he slid into me, letting me feel every inch of him until he couldn't go any deeper. Slowly, he moved in and out of me, pushing me closer and closer with each thrust. My hips met his thrusts every time but he wasn't ready to push me over the edge just yet. He pulled out of me and flipped me over on all fours. The building pressure in the pit of my stomach screamed for release at the new, deeper position. Just one little thing would set me over the edge and he was refusing it. He wanted me for just a bit longer but I loved it. I loved feeling him in me, passionate about me.

His fingers trailed around to the front of my stomach but he didn't stop there. He went lower until he found the most sensitive area on my body. He moved his fingers in agonizingly slow, circular motions to keep building the pressure until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Titus!" I cried out his name.

He moved his hand faster and thrust into me harder and suddenly, all the pressure flooded my body in the most euphoric sensation imaginable. He finished with a few more thrusts and pulled out of me slowly, pulling me into his chest as he laid beside me.

"God, I love you," he mused breathless, as he kissed the top of my head.

I couldn't be more happy or sated.


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