Chapter 2: Your meeting

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Morning came faster than expected but it wasn't anything new. The dreams I had last night changed again. Normally, I would dream of all the blood that was spilled on my hands but this time, I was in a beautiful ruined place that had a throne in the middle and a voice calling to me. Whose voice, you ask? I don't remember feels familiar. I ignored this feeling again as I got ready for my mission. I put on my uniform and grabbed my weapon. Upon leaving my quarters, my feet lead me to the hallway as the maids bowed again my presence and I headed to the squad room. When I entered the squad room, I saw a man with long purple hair wearing a hat and a politician uniform of the empire. Shit, not this guy...I mentally cursed myself as I was trying to leave but failed when the person turned around.

"Ah, if it isn't the lovely (f/n)! I haven't seen you in a while!"


"Goodness, why do sound disappointed to see me?"


"You are really cold, (f/n)."

Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, He is the man that works for the king and mass produces the machines here in the kingdom. He is very skewed to me and not the mention the fact...well..he's my creator along with other scientist. He prefers to call himself....father to me. Ugh....

"Oh, I brought a present for you!"

"I don't want it." I replied quickly

"Eh? I didn't pull it out yet."

"I still don't want it."

"(f/n), I swear you will like the present."

"No." I said as he pulled out a little red box with a white bow, he handed to me but I didn't take it

"(f/n), it's been a while since I seen you and you needed a present. I was thinking about my little daughter that having any presents when I'm not around." Ardyn said as he did a mock hurt expression on his face, my eyes just stared at him and not moving from my spot.

"Come on, (f/n). Father is being very generous since you are going on a mission." My brow twitched in annoyance.

"You're not my father."

"Yes, I am. Well, close enough as your creator. Getting off topic, open your present!" Ardyn said as he placed the red box in my hand, I sighed and opened it. Inside the red box was a red and black color bracelet with a purple gemstone in the middle. My eyes just stared at it blankly and asked,

"What the hell is this?"

"Eh!!!?? (f/n)! You hurt your father's feelings..." Ardyn whined as he was holding his heart in a fake pain act and I replied,

"You're not my father and I'll ask again: What the hell is this?"

"It's a accessory, my daughter."

I gave him a look and he sighed.

"Oh fine, it's not an ordinary piece of jewelry. It's-"

"It's a piece of new technology we are developing. It's called the 'seeker'; what it does to a person as strong as you hides your powers to make you feel and look like a normal human being within the population. The best part is that the Caelum family or other royal families can't sense your powers."

"Hey! I wanted to say that but for you, I'll make a exception, Medusa." Ardyn purred her name as he gave her an air kiss 

"You're annoying." Medusa blurted out as she gave him the bird and he chuckled in response of her action.

"Oh, don't be like that." Ardyn said as my eyes looked a woman wearing a lab coat with a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. She wore high heel shoes that were black as well as her earrings. Her orange hair is a bright color with red steaks and has blue eyes. Her name is simply Medusa but it's a code name. No one knows her real name but nobody minds calling her by her code name. She is a scientist and doctor that has great knowledge of making my weapons and armor. Ardyn would always tried to flirt with her but she is always uninterested. I put on the bracelet and just looked at it with curiosity.

"(f/n), follow me. I have something for you for your mission." Medusa said as I started to follow her, Ardyn followed closed behind and went inside the other room. As the lights came on, there was a samurai sword that is sheathed and chained down to the ground. 

"Ah, you found another daemon , Medusa. I'm impressed." Ardyn said as I walked up to the sword

"It's nothing, Ardyn. It's easy to find the daemon but controlling is another story." Medusa replied as my hand grabbed the hilt of the sword, purple energy was released violently around me and the chains were broken. The negative energy tried to hurt me but I managed to claim it's power in a matter of seconds. The energy disappeared as my hand held the samurai sword that looked to be clearer in the blade than before.

"Excellent, (f/n). This will be your new weapon." Medusa said as I gave her a look

"Let me explain. In order to get close to the Lucian prince, we need to hide your real power and your appearance. So, this samurai sword will be your only defense until you complete your mission." Medusa said as she gave me a bag full of girly clothes "Now, get changed. You don't want to wear your uniform in public, now do you?"

I nodded as I headed to the changing room, my ears heard Ardyn and Medusa talking about me. 

"Is she really ready for this mission? I mean...I know my creations quite well and (f/n) is no exception to the rules. The king is taking quite a risk." Ardyn said

"It's not my business to question the orders of the king, Ardyn. We will send her out and that's that." Medusa replied

"Well, regardless, I did warn him about (f/n) but this will be interesting as well."

"Sigh, you and your damn amusement."

"Only for you, Medusa."

"Go to hell, Ardyn."

Ready? I've been always ready; why would Ardyn think I'm not? What did he mean he warned the king about me? I ignored the feeling for now as I got changed into a navy tee shirt with a graphic of a dragon on it, black shirt with navy leggings and sneakers. I finished changing into my new clothes and returned to Medusa. Ardyn  was happy about my new attire and says I should dress this way. No way in hell. Medusa approved of my new outfit and lead me to a airship that was ready to go. She had given me my travel passport, little profile of my alias and the plan to meet my target. I said my last good-bye to Medusa and of course, Ardyn who says to come back safety after the mission so, he can take me clothing shopping. Hell no. I boarded the airship and it took off. The airship flew for a few hours until it found my target in the Duscae area and the pilot opened the door. I jumped out of the airship along with the magiteks and landed on the ground. Then the magiteks attacked me and I began to run. This was part of Medusa's plan. I have to plan role of the innocent girl type a little to get Noctis's attention then I could work my way into his trust. Suddenly, I bumped into someone and fell to the ground.

"Well that hurt..." a voice said as my eyes were on the Lucian prince who looked at me as well and rubbed his head in pain.

"Hey, what's a missy like you doing here?" the scarred man asked me as he helped the prince up and I got up on my own.

"Wow, we never got this lucky! This is turning into a great day!" the blond said exciting as the man with the glasses sighed and replied,

"How are we lucky?"

"Are you hurt?" the prince asked me as he was staring into my eyes as if he saw something that was pure and his cheeks began to turn red. I turned my head a bit to see the magiteks were charging at us.

"What the magiteks doing here?" Noctis said as he summoned one of his weapons

"Don't know but they are looking for a fight." the scarred man said as I charged at the magiteks and the blond shouted,

"Hey! What you doing!? Come back, pretty-huh???" 

I pulled out my samurai sword and slashed one of them in half. The group seemed to be in a daze of what I did.

"Are you going to help me or not?" 

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