Although This May Have Been Addressed Before...

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So, after I started my little talk about starting, I went through my own life and looked to the things that I don't want to start but want to stop. This is something akin to starting new. If you are going to redecorate, renovate or just readjust you have to clean out the old; getting rid of the things that you don't need, rarely use and are taking up space. This goes with the things that you do, actions. If I want to start being a new me, then I have to get rid of the things that sort of defined the old me. Sort of. I mean, deep down in there you are going to always be you, just this time you are going to be a different version of you. Even Word updates, as does Apple. Consider this the move to the new iOS, or the Books1.1.

This little epiphany was not something new. It isn't a new concept. We do spring cleaning once a year. In Canada, where I live anyway, we have to do it twice at least in one organize the spring stuff and then get out the winter stuff. Why can't they both stay out all of the time? Well, aside from the natural optimism that we can actually put away the winter clothing before we are going to need them again...this usually happens at the end of April, although we move to ligther wintery stuff until May, the bulk is just too much. So, aside from that delay back to the topic at hand. This changing of behaviors. Start small. Identify maybe three things that you wish to stop doing. These should be the things that you see others do that seriously drive you up the wall. It has to be those ones because as we all know, when you point at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you...and a thumb pointing at some random guy off to the side who may or may not be simply an innocent bystander. I was a little bit of a strange child so we will ignore the thumb thing for now, I had to learn that the hard way (i do not recommend accusing random people of things that you are trying to pin on someone and apparently do so threefold to yourself). So in the nature of trying to be positive and not only pointing out the ignorance and idiocy of people around me (the truest form and indicator of growing up, I assure you) I will do so in my own person to hopefully educate you, that even someone as cool as I needs to readjust sometimes. No one is perfect. No one. I may have mentioned before but really, truly, all of us - our fecal matter it stinks, no one is immune to that. Makes sense to me, and although I do believe strongly that I must makes some changes, making sense to other people more than to myself is not one of those changes. If you do not understand me, like me, get me or whatever....walk away (or click, which is even easier). I won't mind too much. I need to make sense to me more than you though, simply because I do not have that option. You know, the walking away from me thing. So, to those things that I will change:

1. Taking serious matters lightly.

            What I mean here is that I will stop using idiotic phrases that have a social meaning but in fact mean something totally different. Although all language goes through phases and growth/change, the initial meaning of certain things should be thought of prior to using the word. Once these words become ingrained into society in a meaning that is different from the intial, very serious meaning we start to become desensitized to the things that we are talking about. Confused? Me too, so I will give a few examples of what I mean:

                          i) S/He totally raped that.

                                               This is totally unacceptable. Completely. Totally. Wholey. UN. ACCEPT. ABLE. I don't actually use this one often, we tend to use OWNED instead of that. Most likely this is because Mr.Books is a trauma counselor for a human trafficking call line. The things that rape does to a person and the seriousness of this is just something that is not convertable to a socially acceptable term for completely winning/controlling a situation. Notice the word "controlling"; rape is simultaneously about the need for complete control and an utter lack of control. I don't think I need to go into this any further but, this is me, I will. This wonderful medium we have, Wattpad, houses some stories that discuss this topic in a rather blase and unintended/under informed manner. I think that there is responsibility that needs to be placed on the writers, but moreso it is a thing that we do in society. I don't blame society for the ills of humanity but we, as a human population - a global society - allow phrases to manifest as alternate meanings that have rather unsettling and uncomfortable origins and true meanings (think raped the situation, as a declaration of arresting the control from the situation into the actor or subject of the sentence). We are sending a message every time we utter a word, and the message is that the original meaning is something that can be overlooked and accepted as light conversation because we are using it in front of really anyone and that we care so little for the meaning and weight of the actions of said word that we are in actuality erasing the meaning that it had, and marginalizing those that truly suffered from the meaning, and attaching a new one, that is more acceptable to us. This is what is going on when you use slang, not always a bad thing, I mean I use the word "cool" often which is not as bad, in my humble opinion, as rape.

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