Okay sup' dudes, im going to bring in the drama a little later on theres more to come but dont worry, i wont make it boring. I hope you enjoy it.

Brent P.O.V

“So? Is she okay?” I asked him urgently.

“Hang on Alpha” the doctor said checking Caydee’s temperature.

I growled in frustration pacing around the room in worry.

Is my Caybaby alright?

Is she hurt?

“So I know what’s happened to her” the doctor said writing something on the paper “you might want to sit down” he said “its good news Alpha, nothing to worry about” he said grinning.

I nodded and took a seat on the chair “Her body was overwhelmed she hadn’t ate anything all day,” I looked at the floor she didn’t? I swear she had breakfast.

Only one cup of water now our MATE in danger and it’s our fault my wolf growled lowly.

“See the thing is she's pregnant” the doctor said causing my head to snap up to face him a grin slowly made its way to my face “wait…what?” I questioned.

“Pregnant” he said grinning “the child is healthy she's one and a half months into the pregnancy” he said happily “congratulations Alpha” he said bowing his head down to show respect.

I jumped up, my wolf howled in pride. Our mate….pregnant…..again! He exclaimed. The doctor stood up and I shook his hand “thank you” I said to the doctor gratefully, he nodded in respect and walked out of our hotel room.

I sat beside Caybaby and put my hand on her stomach I grinned our baby’s growing inside her right now.

Food! My wolf growled Mate. NEED. FOOD. He said stubbornly.

I nodded I needed to make her something to eat so nothing else happens to her, I went into the kitchen.


“Jellybean?” Caybaby called out to me.

I felt my heart skip a beat at the nick name she gave me “yeah?” I asked opening the door and holding the tray with one hand.

Her eyebrows furrowed “what are you doing?” she asked confused.

I sat down next to her dragging the table which I put her food on “Feeding you” I said kissing her lips softly.

Ill feed her then tell her I'm pregnant…..I mean she's pregnant.

I put the plate in my lap I ordered croissants, tea, toast, eggs, bacon, and some cakes. Okay I got a little carried away but my wolf ordered me.

“I'm not hungry” she said pushing her beautiful hair behind her ear.

I shook my head “I don’t care. I'm still feeding you and you’re going to eat” I said breaking of a piece of the croissants and spreading butter on it.

“Eat.” I said in my Alpha tone Caydee sighed and opened her mouth I broke of a bit of the croissant and put it in her mouth she bit it and moaned “this is so good” she said.

Once she was done eating we were laying on the bed my arms wrapped around her, my free hand playing with a piece of her hair.

“You’re pregnant” I said kissing her neck.

“I know” she said.

“You didn’t tell me?” I asked shocked.

“I was going to but I needed to find the right time” she said snuggling into me “I'm so happy I bet its going to be a boy” she said “so Tristan has someone to play with” she said.

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